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Three Thoughts

Sarah Kate had Western Day at School.  She has "lost her thinking" about clothes again.  She is back to only wanting dresses and skirts.  At least I got her in shorts and pants for two weeks.  That is progress!

My FAVORITE Fall candle right now is Autumn from Bath and Body Works.  I also like most of the Yankee candle Fall scents.  Autumn Wreath and Farmer's Market are great!!!!

A sparrow landed on my cart in walmart today as I was picking out some peaches.  I let out a loud sound that got the attention of two ladies.  I told them I was scared of birds.  I was a big girl and carried on with my shopping!   


Tara G. said…
She makes a darling cowgirl! I would have made a loud sound, too, if a bird landed in my cart! :)
I have never been scared of birds, but after reading your blog, they frighten me now...

I thought of you at Target the other day when a big black bird landed on top of my car. I was trying to get it to go away from about 50 feet back, and it wouldn't move. I started jumping up and down in the middle of the parking lot, waving my arms frantically with no luck. I inched closer and closer and opened the back of my car to load my groceries, and it still wouldn't move. It was sitting RIGHT above my driver's side door. I finally loaded all of my groceries, I slammed the back shut - nothing. That bird was not moving.
So...I did what every normal human being would do. I got in on the passenger's side and just climbed into the drivers seat. I taught that bird a lesson, huh? :)
Kelly said…
Autumn is my FAVORITE right now too! The 3 wick candles are on sale right now...2 for $20!~
Pam said…
Thank you for my smile/laugh for the day.....I was a big girl and carried on with my shopping. Love this!! Enjoy your writings.

Nancy said…
I wish my littlest would wear a skirt, a bow, somthing smocked. If it doesn't have a dog on it, forget about it. :) Oh the joys of strong willed girls!
Maryellen said…
I wonder if Kelly put that idea in Sara Kate's head. LOL
Doesn't Kelly prefer dresses too?

So sweet really - very lady like.
I like that she wants to look feminine and so pretty :)
Tiffanie said…
She is such a cute cowgirl! My mom went through the same thing when I was about Sarah Kate's age. I started only wearing dresses, then only shorts (even if it was snowing), then back to dresses. It was about 3 years of that but Mom decided to pick her battles and just laughed when I'd go out in the snow in shorts and come in about 3.9 seconds later for hot chocolate. HA! Good luck and sorry to my Mommy. ;)
A.K.W. said…
Cute little cowgirl! LOL, you and birds, you would have been scared when we had birds come in through our chimney at the first house I grew up in and we had to chase them out. We don't get too many scented candles.

Brian and Sarah said…
I have a girly girl, too - she'll be 4 in a few months and for the last year has refused to wear anything but dresses or skirts. I have bought some of the cutest short sets and pant sets, only to have them hang in her closet, so I've finally just given in! If it's not a dress or skirt I don't even bother buying it. If I buy something new, she will look at me very leary as I pull it out, "is it a dress?" she'll ask and if I say yes, she loves it, if I say no, she doesn't even hesitate - "I don't like it, Mommy. I only like dresses." There could be worse battles :)

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