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Girls Little Vacation- Mama's Little Vacation

My girls have had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days with their grandparents in South Arkansas.  This is the first time both of them have stayed.  Steve and I have never had the house to ourselves except for a time or two they both spent the night with friends. The girls have had such a good time.  They always love to go to the little local pet shop and see the puppies, mice, fish and birds.  Emily cries EVERYTIME because she wants a puppy.  They also LOVE to go to a friend's garden and pick vegetables.  My mother always cooks them what they pick and they love eating them.  They said it was the best corn they have ever eaten.  I agree,  she plants what is called "candy corn." Another highlight of the week was going to Dollar General and picking out a little toy.  They have had fun playing with neighbor children and finding bugs with Granddaddy. I am so glad they are able to make these wonderful memories. I have gotten to sit down and look at a m

Family Filled Weekend

 We were so blessed to have these fine fathers with us on Father's Day! Monday we celebrated Kay-K's Birthday!  We loved having her with us too!

A Wedding Birthday Party

On June 14th, Sarah Kate turned 5.  She has been talking about her 5th birthday party for at least 6 months.  She planned a wedding birthday party.  So I gave her a wedding themed birthday party!  She loved it!  Playing Hot Potato  She modeled her new birthday dresses after the party. This dress brought out the dancing in her!

Fantastic Find

One day this week, I went to T.J. Maxx to get a bath mat for the girls bathroom.  I left with a bath mat and this lantern.  I have been needing something for the center of my dining table for a while now.  I thought this looked like Summer.  My most favorite time of the year.  I need a taller candle, but I am just working with what I have for now. Look what I found in Pottery Barn catalog that afternoon.  I got even more excited when I saw their's is $129 and I paid $20.  Thank you T.J Maxx!

The Talent Shpw

 This LITTLE girl got on this BIG ole stage and sang her heart out!!!!!!  When Emily was in kindergarten, she wanted to try out for the school talent show.  She talked about it all the time and practiced her song over and over.  A couple of days before the try-out, she backed out.  I let her back-out because I did not want to force her to do something she did not want to do.  She just got scared.  As a first grader, she said at the first of the year,  "I want to be in the talent show."  Right after Christmas I got the girls a a Sunday School songs c.d.  When she heard the song, Standing in the Need of Prayer" she wanted to sing it for the talent show.  She tried out several weeks ago.  I had several people praying for her on the day.  A few days later, she hopped in the car with a HUGE smile on her face and a paper in her hand,  As she was opening the car door she said, "I MADE THE TALENT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  She was soooooo THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Restuarant Rant

I just have to laugh.................. A couple of weekends ago the girls spent the night with friends.  Steve and I used this night to have a date.  We went to P.F. Chang's.  We love that place,  the atmosphere and the food. I always get the same thing everytime I visit a restuarant.  At P.F. Chang's, I get wok charred beef.  I usually never look at a menu because I always know what I am going to get. I ordered my usual and the kind waiter said,  "Oh mam, that is no longer on our menu." I replied with a smile on my face saying,"OF COURSE IT IS NOT!"  Of course it is off the menu because I LOVE it."  I was smiling and joking with him, but I was so frustrated.  I explained to him that everything I love on a menu gets taken off.  He was apologizing and saying it was the manager's favorite dish as well and he hated to see it taken off.  I think the waiter was real scared of me, because when our food came, the server told us that our waiter had giv

All the Fun That a Girl Could Want!

We had some Barbie fun in our town this weekend!  Sarah Kate LOVED every second of it.  Emily liked it, but felt she was a bit too old for it. Ha!

A Little More Disney

We loved our hotel.  The location was great too!  I would want to stay here again! Our dear friends were there at the same time!  We met up at Animal Kingdom. My favorite part of Animal Kingdom!