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Too Busy?

Emily is at pre-school today and I have just enjoyed some alone time with Sarah Kate. It has been good not to have anything on the agenda today. I am really burdened that Emily is too busy. I am a very laid back person and I don't have to be doing something all the time. I think my family needs a day or two with nothing to do each week. This is what our week is looking like these days: Pre-school twice a week Dance Awana Women's Bible Study group once a week. Children's choir MOPS Church playgroup MOPS playgroup Seems I am always saying," Come on girls, get in the car, Emily where are your shoes?" "Hurry up, come on!" Life is too complicated to have a 3 year old be this busy. I am praying and thinking about what we need to cut out, if anything. Feeding Blue's Clues. She was saying, "yum yum umm!"


When my parents came to keep the girls while we went to Gulf shores, my Mom brought Emily Pinkalicious. It has been a daily read ever since. I asked Emily if she would like to make some pink cupcakes on Saturday. She hesitantly said , " I guess so." She was afraid that she might turn pink like the little girl in the story. When I convinced her that she would NOT turn pink, she became very excited about our little cooking project. I always loved cooking with my grandmothers and mother. I hope Emily will share this love. This was her favorite- the sprinkles. I don't think I will ever get them all cleaned up.


I hosted our church playgroup this morning. We had a great turn-out. Here is Amanda and Neely. Both my girls are crazy about Neely. Jessica and Braxton Little monkeys jumping on the bed! Tracy was picking up toys. I am soooooo rude to have allowed that....she is nine months pregnant. This is Sarah Grace and Alex. Clay and Caleb, John Michael and Mary Avery. Look at the cute little boy. This is newborn Ben. Baby Caleb and Robin Sarah Kate sitting on the couch like a big girl. Amanda is always such a help to my girls! Kelly(Harper was asleep) and Vonda and Brandon. Ginger and Kade. Mary Avery and John Michael. When Sarah Kate was born, my neighbor, Amy, made Chicken Tetrazzini for us. I went NUTS over it. I made it today for our group. Here is the recipe. Saute in butter: 1 white onion 1 bell pepper 3 celery stalks Then add: 1 can cream of mushroom soup 3 cups of chicken breasts 4 Tbs of slivered almonds 2 cups Sharp cheddar cheese Boil: 7 oz. of vermicelli Combine and bake at

Oh The Fun!

Today we took the girls to our county fair. We all had a wonderful time. Emily loved the rides and the animals. She was so sweet the whole time. SK did great too. We let Emily ride the roller coaster and she was soooo excited till the ride started and then she has NEVER looked soooooooo terrified. She just looked frantic. Steve and I were laughing so hard because we had NEVER seen her look like that before. I felt terrible for putting her on such a big ride and I got scared that she might try to jump out. Steve LOVES roller coasters and scary rides. He was getting a kick out of it. He asked me if I took a picture of Emily during the ride and I told him I was to nervous and scared for her to take one. Steve remarked, "you looked real nervous and were laughing your head off!" When she got off and got composed, she said, "I'm not used to anything like that!" We can tell that she is real proud that she rode it. The picture was taken when the

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you and are thinking of you today!

My Phone

Poor little Sarah Kate is sick this week. She has fever. We went to the MD yesterday. She has no real diagnosis. She does seem better today. Bless her sweet heart. I have moved on up in technology! I just got rid of this phone on Saturday. I know I have had it 10 years and I think even longer. I LOVED this phone. It had the best reception in the world. I HAD to get a new one because it just died and they don't even make parts for it anymore. Steve has had several fancy, expensive phones, but none did as well as mine. Yes, I have had many opportunities to upgrade, but I just have never wanted to. When you find a good thing, stick with it! It was so easy to use and because it was so chunky, I could put it on my shoulder and talk hands free. As for the new phone, we are trying to bond. I hear myself echoing when I talk, it is too thin to rest on my shoulder. About all I can do on it so far is answer and dial numbers. That is all. Steve is going to give me a lesson on

Wonderful Week Away

Last Friday Steve and I left for Memphis to spend the night with his parents on our way to Pascagoula, MS and then on to Gulf Shores,Al. My parents kept the girls at our house. Steve's Mom and Dad joined them on Sunday. Yes, they all get along great! Our girls were in good hands. We hated to leave them, but we just needed to spend time together and refresh. Steve's brother, Justin and his wife, Cissy, just had Reid a month ago. There is NOTHING I love better than holding and feeding a little newborn!!!!!!!!!! I could have eaten him up. We had a great time with family! They royally entertained us. Me with my nephew. We went to the mall to see the Chick-fil -A where Steve used to work. Bliss for me! Here we are after eating at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores. We met up and stayed with Kelly, Scott and Harper on Monday morning. We all love to laugh together. I also enjoyed bonding with this beautiful baby! Harper smiling at her Mama. Kelly and me at our fav