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Our New Baby Boy

We have a new baby boy at our house....of the feline kind. Our neighbor's cat had kittens in March.  An email was sent out saying the kittens would be able to be adopted in May.  I asked her if they had any tabby cats and she replied,  "four."  As was at her house within minutes, just to "look." It was love at first sight.  I LOVE brown tabby cats. These kittens were from a good home. Emily has prayed and prayed for a kitten for 3 years. This just seemed "meant to be." Sarah Kate is the one who is CRAZY about him.  In fact, she never gives him a moment of peace.  NEVER!  But, he seems to love her. Now for Kristen.......she is doing okay with him.  They have not met fur to fur.  I keep Frisco in a big dog crate when she is around.  Kristen's routine has not been affected at all.  We are using Feliaway with Kristen to comfort her during this transition.  I am taking their introduction VERY slow.  I reward Kristen for her

Some More of Disney

  Mary Poppins was one of my favorite characters to meet!!! Sweet Marie We waited a long time to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride, but it was worth the wait! Kay-K and Emily riding Dumbo.  Sarah Kate and I were in the one in front of them. The Yachtman's Steakhouse was a favorite place to eat.  We would do this one again! The girls got a white chocolate Mickey Mouse puzzle that came with edible paint.  They loved it!


For about a year now, I have been wanting a Clarisonic facial cleanser.  Last week I saw a QVC segment about it and I got one the next day.  I could not stand it any longer.  The product makes some great promises.  I have used it for a little over a week now and I think I love it!  Do you have one? Has it made a difference with your skin?

Disney World Part 3

  I really enjoyed riding on the monorail. Everyone keeps asking the girls if they met Mickey Mouse.  They sure did, and so did the grandparents! They are about to go in the Cnderella dinner. Prince Charming Sarah Kate was so excited that she met Cinderella!!!! So happy!!!!!           Prince Charming asked Emily to dance!  It made her day!!!! So proud after her dance. To be honest, I was not too excited about going to WDW.  I am not a princess/cartoon kind of person.  I was never into anything Disney when I was a child.  I just liked playing baby dolls and I have always liked real life t.v. shows and movies.  I have never ever been able to pay attention to cartoons.  I guess I am just WEIRD. girls love all things Disney and I loved seeing everything through their eyes.  WDW is a well oiled machine.  It was just soo so nice and clean and a whole lot of fun!!!!!  I loved everything about it.  I would go ba

Disney Part 2

We loved having our parents on the Disney trip with us.  They loved watching the girls experience the excitement!!!!!!   In the big stroller about to experience a super fun day!     Poor Steve was in charge of the stroller.  It was a big job folding it up on the buses and boats.  He did a great job!     Emily took this picture of me in front of my favorite ride ever in the history of rides!!!!!  I could have stayed on Soarin all day!  I rode it three times.  You really feel like you are hang gliding. No child has EVER been as proud of themselves as Sarah Kate was when she was getting all made up at the Bipoddy Boutique.  SHE LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Emily loved it too, but SK was over the top with excitement.