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Kid Rooms

Not long ago, I did a post on Sarah Kate's nursery. I thought I would focus on Emily's room for this post. This a little glimpse of Sarah Kate's nursery. Emily's Butterflies above the bed. These came from the hospital gift shop in my home town. Emily's kitchen that she does not play with too much. But......Sarah Kate LOVES it! It is cabinets and she loves getting into cabinets. The blue dishes were my Dad's when he was a baby. Notice the doll that Emily marked all over. Discovered this when I took the picture this morning. (I took care of the matter.) The most useful bow holder that Kelly gave to Emily for Christmas one year. I LOVE it and need another. This piece of furniture is a flour bin or pie safe that I bought at an antique mall right after I graduated from college with my babysitting money. Emily sleeps in this little toddler bed. I painted the butterflies over the bed. This used to be my bed. I bought this right after college as well. Thanks

We Are Making It!

WELL............ Saturday night, pacifier free, was really tough. Emily did not go to sleep till midnight, then woke up several times crying. Steve slept in her room that first night. She cried soooo hard and was sucking her fingers and pulling on her tongue. I felt really sorry for her. BUT....the funny thing is that she never ever mentioned her "sissy." Still hasn't. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!! One time, Monday, as she was playing, she told us that her sissy had gone to heaven and that is all. Each night is getting easier. The sad news for me is that there have been NO naps. She has taken one since giving up "sissy."

Our Big Girls

I hate to say this, but Emily is almost 3 and a half and still has a pacifier when she sleeps. She is so very attached. We have tried to rid her of the pacifiers in the past, but we always break down and give them back. Emily saw the dentist a week ago and he said that she is developing major problems because of them. He suggested "talking it up" and letting the pacifiers fly to heaven on balloons for babies in heaven. Today was the DAY! We tied them up and let them go. Didn't work as well as we thought. I want to apoligize to my neighbors who may have a paci on a balloon in their yard or on their roof. Emily thinks she has done something wonderful. We are putting her to bed in a few minutes and I dread it! I KNOW the next few days are going to be rough. Last night...... Her final time with her "sissy." That is what she calls a pacifier. Sarah Kate got caught eating Emily's Honey Nut Cheerios. Any pacifer stories you would like to share? Sugges

Our Dining Room

First of all, thank you to all of you who left comments about the guest bedroom make-over! Thank you for taking the time to do that! Although I LOVE blue and brown, it just does not go with the flow of my house. I am going with a terra cotta color. We have really enjoyed our dining room! We don't use it all that often, but when company comes over, it is so nice. The arrangement is not mine- wish it was! It belongs to a dear friend, Beth who recently moved here. I am keeping it until they get ready for it. They are unpacking from their move. This hutch belonged to my grandmother. We keep all our china in it. I love how the dining room opens into the kitchen. Makes it nice for serving guests.

Help Me With My Guest Room

This is our guest room/computer tv room! It needs a color make- over! I need YOUR help! Should I : Paint the walls an orange/salmon/rust color. Give it an Autumn feel????? Or: Paint the walls a blue/gray and get a new solid brown comforter??????

The Birthday Boy

A VERY Happy Birthday to the love of my life! I am so glad you are mine! Steve is 33 today. We celebrated tonight by eating his favorite food: STEAK! Sarah Kate is 11 months today! She has never been interested in T.V., but she is starting to like Barney. She is so very loving, but so very active. She likes to clap and wave bye-bye. She also enjoys attacking Emily. Sarah Kate loves to eat. (takes after her parents) She crosses her feet all the time. Loves her walking toy. Emily has wanted to get her Daddy a Star Wars cakes for weeks now. Emily is very in to themed cakes. She also wanted to get her Daddy a Star Wars toy. So, we did! A Princess Leia action figure. This is a red velvet cake from Rick's Bakery. OOHHHH SOOOO GOOD! Also, a Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Kelly, in Little Rock. Hope your day has been great! I love you!

Happy Mother's Day

I am so thankful to be a mother and to have a wonderful Christian mother and mother in law. As our pastor said this morning, "being raised in a Christian home is more than just going to church, it is the way things are when you are in the house with no one looking, how you live day in and day out." My mother has been an example of living and responding to life in a Christ-like way. I know Steve's mom has been the same way. I want to raise my girls to love the Lord and be kind to others. I also want to teach them to make good decisions in life. Years ago, I went to a Women of Faith conference and one of the speakers summed up life like this: "It's always something." "Well, you never know." "If its not one thing, it's another." That is kind of how I feel with these little girls I have. I am so very very thankful for them and love them more than I ever thought I could!!!!! Here I am with my 3rd child, Harper Stamps. Ha! I feel like s

Living Room Tour

Welcome to my living room! This is the room that we spend lots of time in. I love using antiques in my decorating, like this trunk that belonged to my great grandmother. It is actually in the entry way. Did you spot Krazy Kristen on the love seat? This red wingback chair also belonged to my great grandmother. I have had it recovered. I love my birdcage on the built-ins. I recently got these candlesticks on the mantel at Hobby Lobby for $2 each! The candles cost more than they did.