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Help Me With My Guest Room

This is our guest room/computer tv room! It needs a color make-over!
I need YOUR help!

Should I :

Paint the walls an orange/salmon/rust color. Give it an Autumn feel?????


Paint the walls a blue/gray and get a new solid brown comforter??????


Jennifer said…
I vote an autumn feel. I think that makes the room seem warm and inviting. You could even do a gold color on the wall, that way if you ever wanted to change the bedding you could do so without limiting your color choices. I LOVE the bedding though! You might could get some throw pillows with purple and rust in them as well. That would be really pretty!
Bethany said…
I think you should do the salmon color from the comforter. What a beautiful cover that is!
Lauren said…
I too vote for the autumn feel, love the room!!! :)
Crystal said…
My vote is for the autumn feel too. I love cozy looks! My master bathroom is painted a rustic color and I love it. If you ever want to change the comforter, chocolate brown looks sooo good with it!
Anna said…
I'm loving that salmon color, too! How pretty and that would really make your comforter pop. However, I'm a big fan of the blues and browns, I think either will be a great choice! Guess I'm not much help, huh!?!?
Gail said…
I have this same set in my master. I wanted a deep rich look, which I don't consider an autumn feel. I painted Sherman Williams restrained gold on the walls. I hung dark brown drapes that have a subtle sheen to match the comforter. I have wood floors so I amazingly found rugs that have squares of colors that match the comforter.

If you don't mind painting furniture, I would paint that chest a deep brown then spray paint the table a bronze color along with the wall hanging. The gold candles are a perfect accent color. There are many colors for accent pillows to complete the bed.
I have that same comforter for my master bedroom. I know I am the only one so far, but I vote blue and brown. I love those colors together.
Anonymous said…
I have a blue/brown master bedroom and love it. However, that comforter you already have is really nice so I have to vote for the orange/rust color and keep the bedding you have. Cute!
Sara Campbell said…
It's a toss up...fall colors are my absolute favorite (see my den! Ross says we are living proof how many browns you can mix, ha ha). But I also love relaxing. ME wanted 'horses' in her room. I did all blues and browns, I like how it turned out.
Jenny said…
I vote salmon, but honestly I think it looks great now! You have a beautiful family!
Taylor said…
I like the autumn feel as you already have the comforter!!!
Melissa Miller said…
Hi Laurie, What a lovely room and home you have!

I always enjoy warm colors so I vote for the Autumn feel. I do have a soothing Blue MB and love the calm feeling in it. I like both. Oh my I didn't help you much after all did I. LOL! :)

~Happy birthday to your hubby and darling daughter!

You're always welcome to visit mine as well.
~Warmly, Melissa :)
I think you should go with a warm color like the gold or salmon because you have the gold paint downstairs. with the stairwell connecting the two levels, you don't want to switch from "warm" colors downstairs to a blue/gray upstairs since the area is somewhat open to the downstairs color scheme. Also, if you can find a cheap, used headboard it will make the bed have more presence. Also, you should put the bed on risers (like $10) to make it taller. Shannon at did that in her guestroom. It's such a great space that you have!
Oh, and I think the little brown table you have next to the bed would look so good painted black with a satin finish with some distressing on the corners! Come visit my room and give me some advice too! I need something to go above the guestbed that is bigger, I think.
Tara G. said…
The bedding is really pretty. I think a lighter, more neutral color (like the gold) would look great on the walls so that the bedding doesn't get swallowed up or muted by it; plus, it would make the house "flow" better from room to room. You could pull that salmon color out in pillows or incorporate it in a window treatment somehow. And I though the same as another gal wrote- the little table would look great in black.
TriciaNae said…
I like the blue/grey idea. But..I also love your comforter. We have a dark chocolate accent wall in our you could always try just the headboard wall if you wanted to try something out!
Sarah said…
BLUE!! But its my favorite color so I'm a little biased! ;)
Melissa said…
i vote for the blue with a brown comf.
Julie said…
I vote for a blue shading with a new comforter. I think a lighter color is soothing. But after reading some of the comments I may be outnumbered!!

I so wish I could decorate!!
Kelly's blog doesn't seem to be working this morning to do the dining room post. I don't see a Mr. Linky feature on the page, and I get an error message after a minute or so, and it shuts down. I'm not having this problem on any other blogs. You might try it and see if you can access her blog, or let her know. Thanks.
Leigh Ann said…
How nice to have a bath connected to your guest room!!!

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