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I heard something on the radio the other night and I don't have this exactly right but Nancy Leigh DeMoss said something like this," What if your supply tomorrow depended on your thankfulness today?" I thought this was great. They talked about thanking God for everything. It is good to be home tonight. We left town for nine days to visit our families. We really enjoyed our time together. We spent the first part of our trip in South Arkansas with my folks and the second half with Steve's folks in Memphis. We left crazy Kristen the cat alone for all those days. I am happy to report that she did survive but there is cat fur EVERYWHERE. When she is stressed, she pulls her fur out. She is bald on the left side tonight. The majority of my packing for our trip was a medicine bag. Yes, I took everything we had for sick children. Of course, the one drug I did not bring was Emily's cough syrup that she was prescribed a couple of weeks ago. We left town with a

I'm Sad to Say.......

We could not make it through the week without a trip to the MD. SK has a had terrible cough runny nose and found out today she has a double ear infection. Oh My!!!!!!!!!! She got good and healthy last week and here we go again. SK has acted very normal until this afternoon and she started running a little fever. I knew she had a little cold. I have just worn my girls out with all the activities we are involved in. I am going to have to drop something. SK has to be in the nursery for everything I do and she just cannot handle it right now. We need to slow down. Last week was so nice because we did not do any of our activities. Emily never questioned a thing about missing her stuff and she got to snuggle in bed with me every morning and sleep late. It was nice! I just want to make it through one week without a MD visit. Good news: I think we have hit our deductable!

Daddy Time

Emily has a new expression that she says all the time, "Mama, my hair is really growing up!" Thank goodness it is" growing up" and out! I have not had it cut since the mullet cutting in April. Truth be known, Sarah Kate's hair is actually longer than Emily's. My girls are growing up too! Makes me sad. I am trying to enjoy each day that I have with them. The girls are always so excited when their daddy gets home at night. When they hear the door open , they stop what they are doing and run to him. They like to play a game that Emily calls "mean bear." Steve pretends to be a bear and chase them. I tried to get some pictures tonight of a game of mean bear. I want to always remember it. The mean bear was about ready for hibernation when I took these pictures.


My head is spinning, literally. I have some sort of upper respiratory infection or a cold. I am not sure what I have, but I have been feeling very light-headed for the past couple of days. My head is also spinning from the crazy week we have had. We made another trip to the MD last night. I made appts. for both girls to get checked out. SK's finger was still bleeding yesterday around 4:30. She has a terrible zit on her cheek I wanted checked out and she has a runny nose and cough. Emily was still running 102.9 fever late yesterday afternoon. I knew I could not sleep until they saw their MD. The MD said that he would have put a stitch in SK's finger, but at this point it was too late. He put her on an antibiotic and he said it would cover her face and congestion. He also gave us Bactroban to use on her. Emily STILL has an ear infection and croup. He put her on a Z-Pac. I am happy to report that both girls have had good days!!!!!!!!! I think Sarah Kate's finger l

More Finger Trauma!

I will post more details when I am not so tired, but we made a trip to the E.R. this evening. Emily now has croup. She has wanted to be held all day. I was holding her on the couch and SK got in the trash and cut her hand on a can I had opened at lunch. It bled soooooooooooooo bad. Our house looked like a crime scene. Steve met me at the E.R. The DR. did not sew it up. It is still bleeding off and on. Our prayer is that she will keep a bandage on it for 24 hours. A sixteen month old and a bandage is not a good combination. She keeps pulling it off.

On the Mend

Thank you again for your prayers and concerns about our health. My finger is almost perfect. It began peeling on Wednesday. The Dr. said that was very normal. The Lord healed me! I am so grateful! I have met and heard of some people that had the same thing and it did not turn out as well for them. Emily's ears seem well now too. SK is still very congested sounding. The Dr said she had the down hill slide of a cold. She has a terrible sounding cough. Thank you for telling me about putting my phone in a bag of uncooked rice. I took your advice, but it did not work. My phone was too long gone from water damage. I am back to an updated version of my old 13 year old phone. It cost $40. I just could not and would not pay $300 to replace my new fancy phone. This phone makes calls and takes calls. That is about it. ha ha!

If Its Not OneThing,........ Its Another!

Thank you again for praying for my finger this week and praying for my family too. My finger is MUCH better. It is not sore and it is not numb anymore. It still gets a little red and swollen as the day goes on. It always looks good in the morning. I am back on the Bactrim. We got called out of church this morning because Sarah Kate was sick. She has a terrible runny nose and cough. I am taking her to the Dr. tomorrow. Here is the kicker to top off all that has happened......... I washed that new cell phone in my jeans this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried. I just broke down and had a pity party. The phone is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SK in the shirt my cousin sent her for Halloween. Emily as Marie the cat. This is NOT the costume we had bought her for Halloween this year. I had gotten her a horse that she would ride as a princess. Her legs went in the horses back legs and then she was to hold the front of the horse up with the reigns. This costume was a splu