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Our home has been pretty boring for the past couple of days. We have had lots of guest and now they are all gone and it is kinda sad. My college friend, Kim came last weekend. We always have so much fun together. Kim is so funny and FUN!!!!!!!!! I am always smiling when she is around. We ate lots of good food last weekend. Then on Monday my lifelong friend, Kelly and her children came to visit. Emily loved being with Logan and Lauren. She was royally entertained. Kelly and I also had lots of good food and fun shopping together. Kelly always has such good taste in food and stores. She introduced me to Bath Junkie. It was fun to look and smell, but SOOOOOOO expensive. I bought a little candle there. Money up in smoke! Kelly and I had such a great time together. Kelly can make anything fun! I was so thankful that these two wonderful friends could come see us! I can be myself with these girls. We will always be close. Emily has been singing a lot latley. She is just a