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Shop and Play

While I was in the Memphis area, we went to Sheffield's antique mall.  I could have stayed there all day!  It is booth after booth filling up the entire space of an old Walmart building.  I found some topiary trees for our living room.  I can't wait to go back!  Now that the girls are nearly grown....almost driving...we finally got them a play set.  They have just started wanting one this Spring.  We found a good deal on this one.   The delivery and set up fee was VERY expensive, but I think Steve would have come up with the money, even if it had been  $5000, NOT to have to put it together himself!!!! We were all so excited about the men coming and getting it all set up!  Sarah Kate spent most of her time in this green chair watching them work. She finally got her wish! Sarah Kate was determined to wear this fancy dress. The girls LOVE their new back yard!  So do I.  I think it will be so good for them to play outside more.

The Weekend Part 2

 My girls love their Aunt Cissy! Kay-K and Meg Saturday morning, Kay-K bought all the girls matching outfits. Sarah Kate is just like me....she loves babies!  At Granny's house!  Allison and Sam Henry Ava Catherine and Emily.  The girls loved playing together. Someone asked about my outfits this weekend.  I got the blue and pink shirt at Francesca's and the sweater and skirt at Target.

Memorial Day Meeting

We spent our weekend visiting family in Tennessee and Mississippi.  This is my sister in law, Cissy and my niece, Meg.  Meg is 5 months old and this was our first time to meet her!  She is CUTE CUTE CUTE.  Her face lights up and she smiles if you even look in her direction.  This picture of me and Meg is TRUE LOVE.  I have Chili's chips and salsa in front of me, but I would rather give Meg a bottle! Steve and the little girls. Steve and his younger brother, Justin. SK, Steve, Meg, Emily, Reid. Kay-K and Pop with their grandchildren.  They were so kind to keep all four of them on Saturday night so that we could have a double date with Justin and Cissy!  They are brave, we are thankful! Handsome Reid.  My girls loved playing with him this weekend. These are just a few of our pictures from the weekend.  I will do another post later.  I have things I need to do, like take a shower and wash clothes and put up dishes. I am thankful for a WONDERFUL w

A Road Reminder

One year ago, the highway that we live on began a construction project.  The intention was to make our two lane highway a five lane.  We were so excited to have the five lane because our highway was bumper to bumper traffic in the morning and late afternoons. To get to the good, we have had to go through the bad.  When I say the bad, I mean snail traffic.    I could walk down the highway faster than I could drive down it. There have been many days that we have had to drive down one lane.   Some poor man would be standing there with a c.b. and stop sign letting one lane go at a time. I have been late so may times this past year.  They have taped and re-taped and and painted and repainted so many lanes and arrows this year.  They had to make the road work according to what construction had been done.  Many times I questioned to myself and to Steve how this was going to work.  It seemed to me that some on the lanes were not starting and stopping at the right place.  It seemed to me it w

Branson Weekend 2012

This weekend we went to Branson.  We have tried three different weekends to go and it just never worked out.  Steve either had a work problem of the girls were sick.  There just always seemed to be a road block.  We finally made it and it was wonderful!!!!!  We all needed a little getaway.  The majority of our time at Silver Dollar City was spent with the goats. One of our favorite attractions at SDC is Grandpa's Mansion.  You cannot stand up straight in the place and it take every muscle you have not to fall down.  If you know how this works, TELL ME!  SK was not happy to be in there! The highlight of Branson for Emily was going to the Butterfly Palace.  She loves that place.  I think she would have stayed all day.  Notice her black eye.  She had a collision with a boy last week at recess,  fell and hit her eye on the wood chip playground flooring. Steve took the girls swimming in the hotel and they had so much fun.  They said that was their favorite par

Look Who's Graduating

I can't believe Emily will be graduating from kindergarten.  Bless her sweet little heart!  She has LOVED school!!!!!!  I am so thankful for a SUPER teacher and wonderful school.  Emily has learned so much about life.  She has worked so hard.  I am so proud of her!!!!

Sweet Treats

I have pretty much finished the mantel headboard.  Notice the theme-  Birds.  I will probably continue to antique the mantel until I get exactly the look I want. This bed is in our guest bedroom. I cut open my first good watermelon of the season and it is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!  From 7 to 11 this morning I have eaten the other half.  My stomach looks like a watermelon. I bought this Slushy Magic cup at the store a couple of weeks ago.  It was sorta expensive, but well worth the $14 I paid!  You freeze the "magic ice cubes,"  pour in your favorite drink and it makes it all slushy.  All you do is shake it for one minute. VERY GOOD!  Last night I put Coke in there and it was almost as good as a Coke Icee!

Visit Down South

I took the girls to my hometown to visit my parents last week.  We had a fantastic time!  I got to do everything I wanted to do.  The girls got to do everything they wanted to do except play with the little neighbor girls next door to my parents. Friday morning, we went to Ms. Cora's garden and let the girls pick potatoes.  They loved it!  I loved watching!  We went straight home and my mother cooked them for our lunch.  FRESH FOOD!  They were delicious!  My Daddy always likes to take the girls to a local Vet's office and feed the deer.  The girls LOVE this!!!!  The deer are so cute.  They have a dispenser that gives out deer corn for a quarter.  The girls love that the deer eat right out of their hands. My mother and I hit five local flea markets.  I love a good flea market!  I got a few items that I love.  I am so proud of my antique hen on a nest soup tureen.  I am terrified of birds, but I love bird decor!!  I plan to paint the table a white or maybe that