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Your Nose Knows- Perfume Post

 Last week I was at the mall and decided to make a quick stop at Pottery Barn.  I had some Christmas money with me and decided I would get a quince scented candle.  MY FAVORITE CANDLE OF ALL TIME!!!!!-QUINCE!!  As I made my way straight to the candle shelving, I noticed the packaging had changed.  I began making my way around the shelves to find my quince candle.  GONE!  I found the closest sale clerk and asked about the quince candle.  Her reply, "it has been discontinued."  I said, "Well of course it has, just like every food, perfume and candle I love."  The lady looked a little stressed at my reaction and I don't think she knew how to respond.  Another customer said, "Well, no store carries my favorite perfume and I have to order it on line."  I was STEAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!  It had been replaced with tomato vine scent!  It is horrible, but I guess a lot of people get excited over the scent of a tomato vine. Another new scent was Gray Moss- GROSS, but

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

 I got a few shots of Bitty Bear getting her homework done after school last week.  I am so happy that she loves school and wants to learn.  Last night I had our Sunday School girls over for dinner.  I made taco soup. We had a great time together, as always.  Lots of fun and laughs! I am so thankful for all these girls.  I feel so blessed!  I am very thankful that the Lord has brought new people to our class.  We had not gotten together in a long time and it was so good to catch up. I did not get everyone's picture.  I did not get my camera out until the end. 


Well, the house got painted yesterday and I LOVE it!  It is just very calming and will go with anything.  The painter was so efficient and nice.  I just love to have a change in my house from time to time. In other news,  Emily has some sort of mystery illness that only happens at school.  We were home all day yesterday because the school nurse called me early Monday afternoon and said Emily had a headache and fever.  I went and picked her up and she was resting on a cot and did not look too sick to me.  The nurse said her temp was 100.4.  When we got home it was 99.1.  She said she was fine and felt good and she talked my ear off from the second I picked her up and begged to play outside.  THE EXACT thing happened one month ago.  From now on I think I will tell the nurse to just send her back to class.  STRANGE! And some Sarah Kate funnies that I want to remember: She calls Nilla Wafers- "Vanilla Wavers" Depending on the weather we have here, she will say,  "I

New in the New Year

 Right after Christmas, I got this book at Lifeway written by Candace Cameron Bure.  It is a very very good book on weight loss and physical and spiritual fitness.  This has been my faorite book on the subject.  I have been trying read a chapter every morning.  It is very practical and encouraging. Tomorrow we say goodbye to the gold paint in our house.  I have enjoyed it very much for the past five years, but I am ready for a change to something more neutral.  We are painting it Latte by Sherwin Williams.  I am so excited!!!!!! 

Kelly's 40th Birthday Celebration!

 I am a little late posting the pictures from Kelly's 40th Birthday party.  Steve had told me back in September that there was NO WAY I could pull off a SURPRISE for her.  He was so afraid someone would acidentally say something to her.  Well,  I am pretty confident that we pulled it off.  I was a nervous wreck to be around Kelly the week of the party.  It was such a strange feeling knowing something about her that she did not have a clue about.  She had even told me her Sunday afternoon plans.  HA!  Sweet friends!  Precious college friends!!!  They came from Little Rock!  This is the picture I love!  She was so shocked!!!!!  I was soooooo relieved that the plan worked.  I love these ladies so much!!!!  So thankful God has placed them in my life!!!! I did not get a picture of everyone there.  I took a few pictures when I first got there and then put my camera in my purse.  I don't know why I always do that. I think everyone had a fun time! Welcom

Christmas Eve

 We spent Christmas eve at my cousin, Denise's house.  It was a good time!  I had some of the best gumbo ever made.  The little cousins LOVED playing together.  They each had a cousin their age.  5 and 8. (E was 5 days short of being 8!) The girls planned and put on a show for all the family.  It was REALLY good.  Singing, piano playing and reading the Christmas story from Luke.