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Children Are a Gift From the Lord

Emily had her first day of Mother's Day Out. She had a super good day! She looks very very sleepy in this picture. When you click on the picture, notice the gobs of lotion on her hand and arm. When I give E lotion or soap, she always says, "want big Mama." That means a lot.
Sarah Kate is 10 weeks old. When Emily was 10 weeks, my wonderful friend, Kim, came and took lots of pictures of her in this dress, on this changing table, with this blanket. Kim is an excellent photographer. Kim, I needed you today for these. I tried to capture the same look. The pictures Kim took were so good that I had some of them framed and they are hanging in our hall.

I just love my girls so much and I am so thankful for them.

Shots and Travels

Two Months Old

Matching Again

I put my girls in matching dresses today. I wanted their picture made together, but it is hard getting Emily to hold her sister for more than 3 seconds. Emily asks to hold her all the time, but then as soon as she gets her she will say, "Mama hold her!"

I am thrilled to say that Sarah Kate had her best day ever yesterday. This was the first night that she did not have a 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. crying spell. Yeah!
I really think she is going to turn out to be a good baby. She is 7 weeks old now. Time flies when you are having fun! Sarah Kate looks so much like Emily did at this age.