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Sweet Things

My wonderful neighbor, June, brought us these darling cupcakes last night. She brought more, but they were gone at the time of the pictures. I am so impressed with her creativity. They tasted just as good as they look. I am a huge fan of sugar! Emily told me she was "Barbie" in this attire. Humm..not sure about that. But, she thought she was looking good. Sarah Kate has started sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is 9 months old! haha! I read a book about 3 weeks ago and it was our answer to the sleep troubles. It is called" Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." I put her to bed between 7:15 and 7:30. I had made the mistake of keeping her up, thinking this would make her sleep. Early bedtime is the answer! I am so excited because one of my very best friends and her family have moved to our area. Beth and I grew up together. We have stayed close through the years and even get closer as years go by. I have had so much fun since Beth

The Story of Kristen

Almost six years ago, a precious little tabby kitten ran into the school I was teaching at. Our principal grabbed her and took her to the front office. Since I LOVE cats, I went to the office later that day to see this little kitten. The office staff convinced me that I needed this cat. I was single and lived by myself. I jumped at the idea. I took the cat to my art classroom and she made her home in a big box of yarn. When I left school that day I took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy and would make a good pet. A class in my school had been feeding her and her siblings for about two months. They lived under a tin shed. She seemed VERY wild, but was really fun and entertaining. I named her Kristen because I have always LOVED that name. At the time, I did not think I would ever find Mr. Right or have children so I wanted to name her something that I would consider for a child. Plus, every time I would think about a cat named Kristen I would fall out laughing. S

All Dressed Up

Kelly has really inspired me with her cute hats and flowers. I got this hat for SK this week and it lasted on her head for one second. It was a game for her to see how fast she could pull it off and laugh. is now for big sister. I put it on Emily and she said,"MOOOOMMMMM, this hat is soooo silly." This a swimmer's hat, Mom?" Then it started growing on her and she went to the mirror over and over. It made her do a little dance. I got this baby girl a flower head band. It lasted 3 seconds for this one picture! She is 9 months old today. Here is Emily in my ballerina dress that I had for a play when I was three years old. Emily loves wearing it. Those shoes are about two sizes too small, but she doesn't care. E went to a Princess birthday party for her friend Summer this morning. It was a wonderful party! Here are a few pics of the little darlings. Emily with Summer. I had the neat opportunity to meet a blogger friend, Kate, with Kelly toda

Puffs and Rushing Spring

Last week I got SK some Gerber Puffs. She is CRAZY about them! I know she would eat the whole can if I let her. She seems to enjoy feeding herself. Steve's parents are here this weekend and we have had a great time, shopping, eating and talking. They are so good with our girls. Steve's Mom got the girls these precious Spring dresses. I put them on this morning, hoping it would be warm outside. We took a few pictures and then put warm clothes on. Come on Spring weather! Yesterday I got a new fragrance at Bath and Body Works. It is my favorite of all times. If you like scents that are light and fruity, you will LOVE this! It is Nectarine Mint .