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Refresh and Renew for Moms

 I left those two sweet girls on Wednesday to go and learn how to be a better mother to them.  I attended Lifeway's Dot.MOM.  I used to think you had to have a blog or be real tech savvy to attend.  I learned that is just the catchy name they gave to this conference.  This was my second time to attend and I LOVED IT!!!!!!  They have top notch speakers and experts in children and marriage.  I tried to soak up as much as I could.  I think what impacted me the most this time was the classes with Steve and Debbie Wilson.  They really hit home with me!  I have been inspired and encouraged.  I got to spend time with two of my favorite friends. a new one or two or three.......... But, I could not wait to get back to these two little girls!  And their wonderful Daddy!

Busy Life-Good Life

I realized today that it has been a long time since I last did a post.  I was thinking earlier about the goings on of the past few days. Here goes: I have been doing lots of painting.  I have sold several paintings to local friends through Facebook.  I am loving painting and selling my work! I had an appt. for a physical last week.  They asked me to come in a day or two before and have blood work.  I drove thirty minutes to the clinic for blood work.  I drove back the next day, signed in and went and found a seat in the lobby.  The receptionist calls me up and tells me my appt is THE NEXT day.  I was SO mad at myself.  I asked if another Dr could see me or if my Dr could work me in.  NOPE!  I stopped at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.  I wanted to have some good out of the drive.  So I drove the following day for the real appt.  I got a VERY VERY good report!  I was so thankful! Our laptop fell on Sarah Kate's big toe in July.( I was out of town)  I knew it hurt her

Starting Again

 This has been a busy week!  Everything started again after the Summer break.....AWANA, Bible study, dance.  The girls have taken gymnastics for the past two years, but decided they wanted to do dance again.  I am hoping this will be a good fit for them.  They have been watching Barbie Nutcracker all week!  While the girls have been at school, I have been painting!