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The Beach

 After a week on the Gulf Coast, it is so good to be home!  I had a fantastic time, but I LOVE my home sweet home!  Our condo was so nice!  It was home for a week.  I took this picture of Emily the night we got there.  The girls settling down on the first night.  Emily read the Jesus Storybook Bible to Harper and Hollis.  Emily is a beach girl for sure!  She loved the water and the sand until she saw a man catch 3 sharks and got slammed by some waves a time or two.  But, at least she can say she swam with the sharks!  These 4 girls got along perfectly!  Not one fight and they played so well together!!!  We spent one night at the Track after dinner.  I loved go-carts when I was a little girl- still do!  We had lots of fun and laughs with Kelly and Scott!  Girls loving a ride! One of my favorite restuarants is Louisiana Lagniappe. More later!

Art Camp and Skin Scare

    The girls have participated in an art camp this week.  The camp was wonderful!  It explored visual art but also touched on all the arts.  SK was part of a music club and E was a part of the fashion club.  Emily was able to do this camp with one of her best friends and that made it even more fun. Last week I went to the dermatologist for a skin cancer screening.  They took off a mole on my back and sent it off to pathology.  I found out a couple of days ago that it was a Dysplastic Nevi.  That puts me at high risk for Melanoma.  I will NOT be missing my yearly screening. 

Favorite Summer Weekend

 One of my very best college friends, Sara, is a missionary in the Middle East.  Sara and I were roomates in college her Senior year.  Sara is super smart and graduated from college in three years.  Sara met Ross soon after graduating.  They now have five children.  They are one of my most favorite families ever.  I always learn when I am with them.  Sara is probably the funniest friend I have.  She is such a passionate person and just a joy to be with.  I go every Summer with one of my other college best friends to see Sara in the Memphis area.  They have a few weeks in the US every Summer.  It is a weekend full of non-stop fun and laughter.  Kim is also so so so funny and entertaining.  Kim is a therapist/counselor and she is so wise.  I love talking to Kim and she gives me free counseling.  Kim and I had such a great time driving to Memphis.  Kim always introduces me to great Christian music. Steve held down the fort and took care of the girls and the cats.  They all missed m

Belated Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July was nearly a week ago and I am just now posting them.  I have decided our Summer has been busier than our school year.  We are having lots of fun, but it seems our days are full. We had a very relaxing weekend.  Every Fourth of July I go to Bath and Body Works.  They are usually having a big sale.  I did not buy a thing this year.  The candle I wanted was not on sale.  I also go to a small local grocery store and get a good seeded watermelon.  Those are my holiday traditions.  HA! Our friends came over and we had such a great time!  Steve smoked chicken and it was so good!  It was just a fun and relaxing time.  We enjoyed fireworks in our driveway and neighborhood.  It was a very cool evening.  I wanted to put on my robe or wear a jacket, but I decided that was too weird. Saturday afternoon, I found the funniest show I have ever seen.  It is called The Carbonaro Effect.  Have you ever seen it?  I cried my make up off because I was l