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Kristen VS. the Vet

Last Monday was the day I dread EVERY year.  Kristen had her yearly visit to the vet.  Day of disaster.  I really don't think any cat acts as bad as she does at the vet.  The past two or three times I have taken Kristen to the vet, the Dr. has given me names and numbers of vets closer to my house.  A nice way of saying,  "we don't ever want to deal with her again."  I took the hint.  I took her right  down the road last Monday.  I told them about how the other vet had to use gloves and an armored blanket and call techs in for assistance.  I heard them calling for help and I told them I would sit in lobby because it made me too nervous.  I sat in the lobby and heard HORRIBLE sounds from Kristen.  Sounds that would cause your heart to stop for a split second.  Within 2 minutes, the tech was bringing Kristen out in her carrier.  The Vet came out and explained that no exam was given.  Kristen would not allow it.  They managed to give her a shot ( I think through the car

Little Ones I Love on Halloween

 My girl were so excited about Halloween.  They LOVE that Harper and Hollis come over and go trick or treating with us!  Special memories!  Emily dressed from Ever After High.  SK was of course, Elsa!