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A Hard Week

Wedding Weekend

The Weekend

Playgroup and Carseat Makeover

I hosted playgroup today at my house. We had lots of fun and craziness. I had intended to take a picture of every Mom and baby, but as the crowd got bigger I forgot about the camera. I was too busy making sure everyone had food and drink and no children escaped out the door and that Emily was sharing and Sarah Kate was not crying, that sort of thing. BUT, the pictures I did take were wonderful! I love having guest in our home! This is Amanda and Neely.
Mary Avery and John Michael with Sarah Kate.
This is Susanne , Hope and Hudson.
Jessica and Braxton
A friend at church made this new carseat cover for Sarah Kate. The old one was old, dirty and boyish looking. She did a great job on this and did it sooo fast!

This Thumb was Made for Sucking

Haircut Take Two


This is Emily before her second haircut. She was so excited to get it cut and I had really talked it up all week. The minute Bekah sprayed her hair with a water bottle it was all downhill from there. Emily cried and screamed and acted terrible. BUT....the results were beautiful! It is hard to tell the difference in the pictures, but it looks so cute! The next two pictures were taken when we got home. She is so proud of her new look!

Emily's Clever Phone Holder