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Hello and Good-Bye to Cotton Candy

 Last Fall, I had a friend do a Facebook post about Cotton Candy Grapes.  I rushed to the grocery to buy a bag.  They really do taste just like cotton candy!  I have been checking to see if we had them in our area.  They got them in this week and I was there to get my bag.  Very expensive, but worth it! I stopped by Sonic and got a cotton candy slush.  (Probably the only grown woman who has EVER ordered one!)  I always get cotton candy slushes or snowcones.  Sweet girl brings out my slush and says, "You know this our last week for cotton candy slush?"  No, I didn't know.  I know I wilted as she spoke.  I told her that I was not surprised because everything I love gets taken away.  She said she was so sorry and I rambled on about how it was not just here but all places.  I am sure she went back in the Sonic and told her co-workers there was a lady out there that needed counseling. 

Before and After Dining Room

     We moved in our house seven years ago.  I had our dining room painted red right after that.  I have loved it, but I had gotten tired of it.   A couple of weeks ago, I had our dining room painted "Hopsack" by Sherwin Williams.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  ( I realize that I need a bigger picture on the wall.) I also had our island painted and distressed.  I would love to have the whole kitchen painted like this, but it is way too expensive.

Here's to the Jitter Glitter

A couple of days before school started I took the girls to "Meet the Teacher" night.  The girls were excited to meet the teachers and see friends.  Emily is in 3rd grade this year and her teacher gave her some Jitter Glitter and a poem to take home and use before the first day of school.  We all loved the idea and thought it was so cute.  Emily believed 100% that this would take her nerves away and help her go right to sleep.  She does not sleep worth a flip anyway.  I played right along and built up how wonderful it was. The night before school, we did our bedtime routine and the girls were in bed by 7:30. I was so proud and happy when I left their bedroom because I thought they were asleep.  Emily remarked while I was reading to them that she could feel the glitter making her very sleepy.  She suggested we use it every night. Fast forward about 30 minutes.  Who comes out of her room?  Emily.  She is fretful saying the Jitter Glitter is not working.  She thought she n

Weekend Vacation

 Steve was gone this weekend and so my parents came to be with us for a few days.  We did lots of fun things together!  It was a weekend full of swimming, bike riding, birthday parties, and museums.  My mother and I usually go shopping when they come to visit, but I think we were just too tired this time.  Girls making bracelets for Meme and Grandaddy.  We visited a local drive through safari.  I have been many times, but I don't remember the animals ever being this up close and personal.  We had several road blocks!  Blocked by baby pigs, zebra, camels and the scariest were the long horn cattle.  This was probably my favorite!  The girls were invited to go inside the Lemur cage.  Cutest animal there! Emily got to feed a Llama. We visited a local farmer's market.  It was a very happening place! We were all so thankful for a very fun weekend!

Last of the Beach

 I know everyone loves looking through a photo album of a strangers vacation, so here are a few more!  HA HA!  Steve's brother and his family live about two hours from the beach we were at.  The last day we had on the beach, they came and joined us for the day!  It was great to see them and the kids had so much fun playing in the water together!

More of the Beach Vacation

 Sweet little girls.  The man in the background.......caught 3 sharks!  Hollis walked up to Steve and whispered, "Will you hold my hand?"  So fun to have dinner with friends.