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Weekend to Relax

 We spent a long weekend in L.A. Lower Arkansas.  On the agenda:  NOTHING.  That is how we wanted it, a weekend away to relax and visit my parents.  Steve and I went on a date Saturday night to a fine restuarant called Postmaster's Grill.  They have great food in a wonderful atmosphere.  The building is the restored old post office downtown.  The building is beautiful.  We enjoyed spending time with my parents.  The girls played and played and made a big mess.  We were very thankful for our wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Wiped Out!

I am so sore today, that I can hardly move. Yesterday, I went to the gym.  I have only been twice since last April.  I know that is pitiful, but I HATE to exercize. My friend, Karen, is a faithful gym member.  She told me that if I met her there yesterday we could work-out together and she would show me how to use the machines.  All I have ever done is the tread mill.  It is always more fun to have a friend at the gym and I have noticed when a friend talks to me while I am on the treadmill, I always stay on it longer. Karen did not know what she was getting into with me by her side.  The first machine nearly killed me.  Muscles worked in my arms that I don't think I have ever used before.  It was a torture device.  The second machine, well,  I got on it backwards.  Karen laughed and so did a man lifting weights nearby.  I tried to do three sets of ten, but I mostly did a lot of sitting and staring and asking the Lord to help me not look like an idiot.  Some of the machines pinch

Vintage Dress-Up

The girls were invited to a wonderful birthday party yesterday at a place called Vintage Violets.  The girls were so happy to be there.  Sarah Kate was so so proud of her looks!  I don't think she ever stopped smiling while she was there.

A Little Throwback Thursday-Let the Light Shine in

    I have a question for you. Do you open your blinds during the day or do you keep them closed? I HAVE to open all my blinds when I get up in the morning.  When I say I HAVE TO, I mean it.  If I can't see out it makes me nervous.  It also makes me depressed.  I know a lot of people that never open their blinds or curtains and I don't see how they can make it through the day. I guess I have some kind of disorder, but I can't function until I have them all open.  I even open blinds for rooms that we don't go in.  I LOVE LIGHT!!!!!!! 

Inspire 2014

 This past weekend I went to the Inspire women's conference in North Little.  It was a wonderful day!  I have a feeling that a lot of people were inspired to love the Lord even more after this day!.  Our main speakers were Chris Adams and Debbie Stuart.  They were a perfect combination and I learned so much from them.  I was honored to serve on the committee to put this conference together.  My church has so many gifted speakers and teachers and they were able to lead breakout sessions during the conference.  I was so proud of each of them!  These are some of the wonderful women from our church!  Our worship leaders did a fantastic job.  Here is Tara, my most faithful blog reader (besides my family).  It was so neat to get to meet her and spend time with her on Saturday!  She is so very sweet! Here are some of the women that were part of the conference.  Wonderful, fun women. If you live in Arkansas or near Arkansas, plan to attend INPIRE 2015 on March 7th

Brag Alert

I can't stand it when moms brag on their kids!  I really try not to brag on mine.  BUT today Emily did one of the sweetest acts of kindness and I am going to brag! Emily and Sarah Kate have been earning some money around the house for helping me.  I give a little money when they clean their rooms or help with the laundry.  The girls also got some money from family for Christmas. Their school is having a book fair this week and the girls have been so excited about getting a book at the fair.  This morning I gave each girl an envelope with $10 of their own money in it.  Emily explained that what she wanted cost $12 and she would not have enough money.  I told her that she could go to her room and get a $5 bill to add to her envelope if she wanted it that bad.  She went to school with $15. When I picked the girls up they looked so happy.  I asked if they had gone to the book fair.  Emily said, "I didn't get the book I was 3D animals and it was soooo cute.&q

Snow Day # 13

 Today we are having our 13 snow day.  That is the most I have ever had, including my 12 years of teaching.  Sunday night, the girls called us in their room to see their home version of Jump Zone.  Steve thought it was great, I wanted to cry.  I really do try to keep the house clean and straight, but I often feel like a hamster running in one of those circles:  working hard and never getting anywhere.  I know I will be the one putting things back in order.  I do have the girls clean their messes, but they don't know how to organize and make things look spic and span.  It drives me crazy!!!!!  But I am thankful that they love playing with each other more than anything.  Here is our front porch.  I think they will have school tomorrow, but our neighborhood streets look terrible.  COME ON SPRING!

Never thought I'd See the Day

 I have heard people talk about a local restuarant called Hammontree that serves grilled cheese.  I am NOT a sandwhich girl AT ALL.  But I can tolerate a warm sandwhich.  I went there last week with my friends Kelly and Sharon.  When they suggested it, I was not too excited.  But, I knew it would not hurt me to skip out on a few calories.  WELL,  HELLO!  Talk about good!!!!!  LOVED EVERYTHING about the place!!!!  Loved the location, loved the atmosphere, loved the fast service AND  I LOVED THE FOOD!!!!!!!!!  I ordered the Turkey Burkey.  It is sourdough bread, smokehouse tukey and white cheese.  WOW!  I also had the crawfish bisque which was super.  They serve each sandwhich with Ruffles and a dill pickle. We went back as a fmily on Saturday for lunch!  The whole family is a fan.  If you are around the NWA area, you have to check this place out!  It won't disappoint. NOW we are trapped at home with ice. sleet and snow.  (but I have my leftover Hammontree)