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A Most Special Gift

Today I got a package in the mail from my cousin, Tommye Ruth. When I saw the bracelet, I loved it, and then I read the story behind it. She told me in a note that our Mema had given her a lot of her buttons about 26 years ago. My Mema was really good at sewing, gardening and cooking. My cousin was at the gym recently and saw a lady wearing a bracelet made out of buttons. She asked the lady about it and was able to have the lady make this bracelet for me out of Mema's old buttons. After I read the note, I loved the bracelet even more! I am so proud of my bracelet. How special to have something like this that belonged to my Mema, who I loved so much.

Fun with K-Kay and Pop

We have had Steve's parents with us for a few days. We have enjoyed having them here. K-Kay loves playing with the girls and of course the girls love it! Emily dressed K-Kay up in this attire the other day. I laughed and laughed. When Sarah Kate woke up from her nap, I suggested we all go in so we could see Sarah Kate's expression when she saw K-Kay. She did NOT think it was funny at all. In fact, I think it made her mad. Emily's letter of the week is V, as in visor. She thought she looked good in her visor. I have to agree! Steve's parents kept the girls last night so that Steve and I could go on a date. We had fun and we had a good meal. I have to share my pet peeve in a restaurant: When the wait staff takes away my food too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me say, it would be a very good dieting plan for me if they would take the food away soon after it comes. I know they are just being nice and wanting to clear the table off. I eat VERY SLOW. I like for all my pla

Greetings From my Girls!

This has been our Spring Break, but I don't feel like we have had much of a "break. " We have been too busy for my taste this week. I don't know much news, but I know my parents want to see some pictures of their granddaughters. SK seems to make such silly faces for the camera lately.

Baby Bonding

This makes me want to have a baby soooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE newborns! I went to Kelly and Scott's yesterday and had some Hollis bonding. I loved every second and wish I was still there right now holding her! I talked to her up close and she looked right at me, eye to eye for a long time. She is sooooo precious! The girls always hug when they are together. So sweet! Sarah Kate had a little baby bonding herself.

Family Funnies

Yesterday afternoon I found Emily in the middle of our bed with her Barbie phone and computer. I asked her what she was doing and she said, " I taking pictures of cute kitties on animal planet and downloading them on my puter, but it is not working!" Where she got this, I have NO IDEA. Steve never takes pictures and my phone does not even have the ability to take pictures. I did not even know she knew the word download. I made Emily a jelly sandwich for lunch yesterday and Sarah Kate was saying, "mom, I don't like samaliches." That is what she calls a sandwich-"samalich" I used a gift card from Christmas this weekend to buy a Spring shirt. I showed Steve when I got him and he told me that he really liked the shirt. I think he genuinely did, but then he added,"it reminds me of what the girls wore on Hee-Haw." Then he explained how that was a good thing, the girls on Hee-Haw were pretty. I feel like when I wear this that I need to pop u

All Together for the First Time

I took the girls to see Hollis yesterday. They seemed to really love her. Our first pictures of the girls all together. I asked Emily what she thought about Hollis last night and she said, " I liked her, I don't like toy baby dolls, but I like "real" little babies." Sarah Kate is bound and determined that she is going to give Hollis a bottle and a paci.

Sweet Baby Hollis

Today has been a wonderful day! I went to the hospital EARLY this morning to be there for Hollis' birth. Harper was so cute and friendly to everyone this morning. She calls me "Waurie" and I love it! She did not know what to think about her Momma going into the operating room. Lots of prayers have been prayed for Hollis to be healthy. Thank you Jesus, she is perfect! I got to do some baby holding tonight and I could have held her all night long and not gotten tired of her. Her hair is simply wonderful. It is a lot thicker than mine is. I love this picture because it looks like she is telling us,"I'm okay" with her precious hand. Kelly looked great. This was made soon after she got out of the recovery room. I am so excited for Kelly and Scott to experience life with two girls!!!! Yesterday I got the girls some swim suits. They were soooooo excited. Sarah Kate's looks like a pink tutu. She calls it her " swim scoot." Emily 's is a


I am in love with these Cuties! The ones in the picture above and the ones in the pictures below! I buy these oranges every time I go to the store. My girls love them also. They are so sweet and easy to peel. My girls even like to peel them. I must say that my family HATES Nutella. Yes, that is right. They will not get near it. Steve treats Nutella the way I treat Ranch dressing: with hate! This is a bad thing because I will have to eat it all by myself. Actually, that might not be a bad thing. Harper came over for a visit last week. She was great. Sarah Kate gets real jealous when I give Harper attention. Every time I would hold Harper Sarah Kate would say, "that's MY Mama!!!" And then Harper would say, "mine." Ha!

Bedroom Changes

Our new stripped duvet. For Christmas my parents gave Steve and me a new duvet cover. This was my favorite Christmas present. I had picked it out last Summer and I could not wait till Christmas to get it on our bed. I used some Christmas money to buy matching curtains. I just wanted to post these pictures today since I have been talking so much about the changes in Sarah Kate's room. I started thinking that Steve and I have had changes too! This is the before picture. My mother was wondering about how the new color furniture looks in Sarah Kate's room with her other decor and furniture. Every time I take a picture of the new blue furniture it looks lighter in pictures than it does in real life. I am thinking I may want to re-paint it a bit darker (the next color on the paint chip). I am also wanting to get some glass knobs to replace the silver ones. Some of you asked what I did to antique it. I am learning as I go. I have a lot more to learn. I bought some white prim

The New Blue Furniture

Here is the furniture I got to go in place of Sarah Kate's changing table. But, notice it has become the "new" changing table. I have to say, I loved the piece being black, but I had no where to put it and I really needed something for storage in Sarah Kate's room. Black just did not go with the furniture and decor in her room. Soooooooo..................yesterday I painted it blue and antiqued it. I LOVE to do things like this! This is so fun to me! When SK is 100% potty trained, I will put decor on it and use the cabinets for storage of toys.

Great Discoveries in Little Rock

I made a little road trip to Little Rock this weekend to visit one of my very best friends, Kelly and her family. Kelly and I became best friends when we were two or three and have remained close all these years. She took my to Anthropology and I LOVED the place!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many of you told me a few weeks ago to try the Volcano candle from there. I LOVE it! It is so fresh and fruity. Thank you for the GREAT recommendation! I also bought a cute little bird dish towel while I was there. I am terrified of birds, but I seem to LOVE bird decor. When Sarah Kate saw me taking the picture of the candle, she wanted her picture made too! She is showing all of her bottom teeth. Ha! Kelly made a WONDERFUL dinner on Saturday night. I am crazy about their cute, cottage kitchen! Their house was built in the 1920's and they have fixed it up soooo very cute! Kelly and her sweet little Lauren. I could not be in Little Rock without seeing Hillary. She is one of my favorite people. She

Behind the Scenes and On the Air

Emily swinging like a monkey at KLRC radio station. SK telling everyone "shhhhshhhhh" but, she was the LOUDEST one! Emily after I had given her "THE LOOK." Yesterday our playgroup made a little field trip to Siloam Springs for a tour of one of our local Christian radio stations. The station is KLRC-101.1. I have enjoyed this radio station ever since I moved to NWA about 16 years ago. I LOVED seeing what the place looks like and what the people behind the voices look like. I know that I enjoyed the trip a LOT more than my girls did!!!! Emily and some of her friends got to say the Pledge of Allegiance to be aired in a couple of weeks. The station records different children for the pledge that is aired every morning on their morning show. My children made me a nervous wreck. I could just see them breaking a microphone or pushing a button that made them go live on air. Here they are recording the pledge. I KNOW the man that gave us a tour was sooo happy to see u

I Don't Know Much to Say

Sometimes when I talk to my Mother on the phone, we will get to end of our conversation and she will say, I don't know anything else, if you want me to tell you something, I will just have to make it up." That is how I feel this week. Last week was very stressful, this week is calm. But, I have done some crazy things this week. I forgot Emily's lunch for school one day and I forgot SK's lunch the next day. I registered Emily for kindergarten at her school today. I can't believe it is almost time for her to start kindergarten. I took down Sarah Kate's changing table on Saturday and she cried and cried for us to put it back up. I may put it back in there. I miss it, she misses it. I may be on TLC's"My Strange Addiction-changing tables. Kelly told me that I may have SK on the changing table till she is 12. I want some kind of furniture to go in the changing table's place. Her room looks bare and I need something to hold all the toys and mess