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Daddy is HOME!

Just a little update! We are HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy is doing well, but has a little fever that we are praying leaves SOON! THANK THANK THANK YOU for the prayers that have carried us through a VERY STRESSFUL time!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if it was from riding in elevators many times a day or just stress, but I felt like I was going up and down in an elevator even when I wasn't. Thank you for so many prayers and kind comments. Steve's parents are taking care of our girls at our house. They have been a tremendous blessing. And....for thre three people that may care. Kristen the cat has plucked herself bald. Please continue to pray for us as we help daddy to get well.

Update on Laurie's Dad

This is Kelly Again........... Laurie's dad had his bypass this morning and came through great. The big issue now is getting his broken ankle to heal and not getting a blood clot. Also - please pray for his recovery. He should be in the hospital until at least Monday. Please remember and pray for Laurie and her mother. I know they appreciate your prayers.

Pray for Laurie's Dad

Hey! This is Kelly and Laurie asked me to update her blog. Her dad had a heart attack Saturday night and this is what she wanted to share: He had a heart attack saturday night around 10. He just thought it was heart burn. Mama insisted he go to hospital. The doctor on call was great! Told him he was having heart attack. They gave him a clot busted and morphine. They got him stabalized enough to air lift him to Little Rock. The helicopter could not take off due to stormy weather. He went by ambulence. My mom called me at 11:50. Steve was out of town. The Lord worked it out because I had good friends from Little Rock staying with me. He has a broken ankle on top of everything else. He broke his ankle on tuesday morning on a walk with my mom. He would not go to the dr. He did not realize it was broken until Sunday morning. He will probably have bypass surgery on wednesday morning. He needs several bypasses and has a 95% blockage. The doctors are waiting on

A New Start

Sarah Kate started preschool this past week. Her teacher said that she was real sweet. I pray it will continue. She LOVES school and being with other children. Here she is with her friend, Charlotte. These girls were in class together last year and loved each other. We are trying dance again this year. The girls are in the same class. SK has two of her good friends in the class. Emily was worried that she would not have a friend in the class. The Lord worked it out for her! One of her close friends from preschool and kindergarten is in her class. We did not know until she got there that she was taking Emily's same class. Yay! We may be buying the dance studio a new bar. Sarah Kate enjoyed swinging around on it like a monkey.

Preschool Open House

Today we went to Sarah Kate's preschool to meet her teacher. Sarah Kate and Harper did lots of hugging in the hall way. We have known Ms. Kim for a while now and Sarah Kate LOVES her!!!! I will be praying that Sarah Kate will act good for her! I told Sarah Kate NOT to smile in this picture. Here is what I got! SK is so excited about starting school. I hope she will have a good year and learn lots of new things.

This Little Light of Mine

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also the Greek. Romans 1:16 In mid July, Emily asked Jesus into her heart in the car as we were driving home from a friend's house. She is only five years old. We KNOW that she does not understand everything about salvation, but we know that this a BIG step toward God for her. We have been talking to her about it and are planning to speak with one of our pastors very soon. Jesus, Heaven and Hell are on her mind a lot. She has LOTS and LOTS of questions. Fast forward to last week at school. She got in the car and said, "MOM, a boy at my table said, butt!" You would have thought this were the worst word in the world. Her eyes were big as saucers as she told me. "He cussed," I just said, "hummmm, well............" Emily said, " I told him that was a cuss word and that he would go to hell."

Ink and Storm

Thank you for all the advice about the dress! I tried many of your tricks. It is STILL there. I really feel like we have found the reservoir for the ink of Sharpie pens. Whatever she got in looks just like Sharpie ink. Emily's friend Sarah Grace came over yesterday. When Sarah Grace comes over they like to play "storm." They pretend they are seeking shelter from a storm. Playing storm involves getting out every toy they own. This must have been a mild storm because the mess was not too bad yesterday.

All Aboard!

Yesterday was a very fun day for me and Sarah Kate! We went with a few friends from church to ride a train. I loved it because I felt like I was living in Little House on the Prairie days!!! Right up my alley. Here is Alex going to catch the train. Sarah Kate and Neely Erin, Kamryn and Kinley. Kade, Alex and Kinley. I was in pure bliss.......holding Kamryn, riding a train and being with friends I love! It was impossible to get 6 children to look at a camera while a training was passing. Sarah Kate's boy, Wells. Leaving the train. I wish it had been an all day ride, but I was about to partake of chips and salsa, so I could not complain. Neely, Amanda and Lela Lela Amber and Ginger I want to ride the train again very soon. I know it would be sooo beautiful in the Fall as all the leaves are changing. Sarah Kate ruined her dress at the train station. She sat on a railroad tie (not on the track) and got tar or oil or something horrid on it. I have tried Goo Gone,

Say It Ain't So......

I have a Kindergartener. She is sooooooooo happy! I hope it will continue.

Follow Your Heart???????

I hear people say all the time,"just follow you heart!" Or, " I am just trusting my heart." Can we really follow our hearts???? The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:9: "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? The commentary explains that this is an important verse describing the natural condition of man. I heard one of my favorite pastors on the radio this week, Dr. Tony Evans. He was talking about emotions and how emotions are REAL, but they are ignorant. We FEEL a certain way because of how the mind thinks about a situation. When Jesus lives in us HE is renewing our minds. Our standard of measure in ANY situation should come from reading the Bible-God's holy word. I heard Beth Moore say years ago that "everything we need to know about life is found in the Bible either in concrete or concept." The Holy Spirit is in us to guide us and show us things we would not be able to figure out on our own. 1 John 4:20


I returned my Euro shams to our local Pottery Barn. One of you told me I could do that to save on the shipping fee. THANK YOU!!!! I am so into tracking my order again!!!! I can't wait till the UPS man pulls up! Some of you suggested that I keep the Euro shames and get some standards also. I LOVE the idea. I know it would look so good, but I am too tight and too lazy to put all those pillows on the bed every morning. We already have pillow overload, because I have to have a pillow under my head and one on each side to sleep. Also, thank you for sharing your favorite songs! I loved reading them and listening to them. Some of the ones you named I LOVE also......Need to Breathe, Natalie Grant and Dave Barnes. You can't go wrong with them. We are constantly reminding Sarah Kate to walk flat on her feet. Her response...." I just trying to be tall." She IS tall, she is in the 90th percentile in height. I was thinking about something a bit interesting this past w