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Glimpse of the Nursery and Something New

A few people have asked me how I am going to decorate Sarah Kate's room, so I thought I would just show you. We are just leaving the room the same as it was for Emily. I will take more pictures later on when everything is good to go. Steve and I got a new dining room table and chairs delivered today! I am so excited. I keep walking in the dining room and looking at it. Steve knew I would do this! I LOVE getting new furniture. Now we can have more people over to eat.

Easter and Bed Update

Thanks to all of you who took the time to give me good advice on keeping toddlers in the bed! We have had two good nights. We are just taking her back to the bed each time she gets up and she has also had a spanking or two. We may try the gate if she does not have a good week. I had told Steve we could get some of those really scary, rubber Halloween masks and sleep in them and when Emily saw us, I doubt she would get out of her bed anymore. Of course I was just kidding. Consistency is the answer. I really appreciate all your help! Here is Emily on Easter morning. She got a princess doll and horse. She loved the doll the most. But, the doll was just junk. She lost her arm and leg within 30 minutes. Her dress also ripped in half. This did not seem to phase Emily. I am so thankful that Steve has always been so helpful with Emily. He has gotten her ready for church every Sunday morning ever since she was newborn. Here, she is sitting on her changing table. Notice her new h

Night Night Troubles

Emily watching The Big Comfy Couch! This is her favorite show! Emily's former room and crib. Doesn't look too comfortable does it? Emily's new room and big girl bed. Very comfortable with all the pillows and comforter and space to move around. Emily after eating Mac and Cheese for lunch. She HATES to have her face cleaned off. Everything is "I DO IT!" This is her face after she cleaned it. She is chewing a Nerd in the picture. It is funny to her her chant," I WANT NERDS, I WANT NERDS!!!" We are having night night troubles. We may be on Super Nanny soon. We moved Emily to her big girl bed over a week ago. I made a big deal about it and told her that Princesses sleep in big girl beds and told her that she MUST stay in the bed. Most every night she comes in our room in the middle of the night and just stands by our bed. She does not make a sound. We just sense her presence. Steve used to do the same to his parents when he was little. I take her back and

Shoes and a Wedding

I took Emily with me on Thursday to do some shoe shopping. The girl LOVES shoes. She was saying,"OHHHHH, ahhhhh OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She kept yelling, "I want SHOES!" I let her try some on and she wanted to keep every pair. She threw a fit over some Disney Princess sandals. She cried and cried because we did not get them. The lady in the store gave her a Princess sticker, so we were able to leave in one piece. On Friday we went to MS for Steve brother, Justin to get married. It was a really fun weekend and a pretty wedding. Justin's new wife is named Cissy and that is what Emily calls her beloved pacifer. She came up with that name because I called it a paci. Here a few pictures from our weekend.

Highlight of Emily's Week

I teach art classes during the week and Emily LOVES for the girls to come to her house. She asks everyday if the girls are coming. I have girls two days a week and a boy one day when Emily naps. Emily does not even know he comes for art. But she wouldn't miss the girls for anything. She does art with them in her high chair. ( I have to use that so she will stay confined and out of their way.) I can tell she feels so grown up. She wants to do just exactly what they are doing. I love having these sweet little girls in my home each week. I really think Emily might be learning a little art and lot about being a young lady. In the Tuesday class, they like to play in Emily's room, but she likes it more than they do.

Spring Day

The first day of March had wonderful weather. Emily got to play outside for the first time this year! She looks like she is from Little House on the Praire with her dress. She loves her princess ball.