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Changing Things up a Bit

I have been doing a little re-decorating lately. It all started when I got the kitchen table and chairs. I am not putting these picture on here to say, "look what I have " or anything like that. If you are like me, I LOVE to look on the internet for decorating ideas. I just realized that decorating magazines are VERY expensive. I almost bought one last week and it rang up as $12. I am so tight that I told the lady that I did not want it. Hopefully you can get some ideas of what to do, or not to do, from this post. I love to shop at flea markets and antique stores. I found this Cloche at a local antique shop. I am looking for some little eggs to go in the nest. Right now I have a seashell that came from the Bahamas a couple of years ago. Do you have a cloche and what do you put under it? I found this old ash bucket at an antique/flea market. This cat tray was my great grandmothers. I have had it in my kitchen cabinet for many years. I found this shower curtain at

Days of Old

My friend, Maegan has a BEAUTIFUL house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has an eye for beauty. Her house reminds me of Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, the beach and a farm house all in one! LOVE! This week she found this basket for me and told me of a great place that had a lot of antique mason jars. This is the look for our new farm table right now. I love all things old/vintage.

Bowling with the Girls

While we were home, we took the girls bowling! It was a first and they liked it! I LOVE to bowl!!!!! I bowled a 99 and I was real proud of that....until I realized the bumper guards were up. We tried to do a family picture, but SK acted SOOOOO Silly! I know Kelly and her family really appreciate all the prayer and support! THANK YOU! She is in a bad way, so continue to lift her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gone to the Dogs

Steve went hunting this weekend with Scott and so I took the girls to South Arkansas to see my parents and some dogs. My hometown has a really nice dog show. It is quite impressive. Emily would love to have a dog. She LOVED looking at all the dogs. I feel like we are a bother at the dog show, because Emily is just wanting one of the dog owners/handlers to let her pet or hold a dog. Those people are serious about the competition!!!!!!! But, many of them were very gracious to let the girls pet their dogs. My parents bought Emily a dog necklace with a yellow lab on it. I am thinking that she may never take it off. (It IS really cute!) Have you seen that show on Animal Planet called American Stuffers? It is about a man in Arkansas that will freeze dry your beloved pet for you. I have watched it a couple of times and it is really sad and VERY interesting. NO-I would NEVER have Kristen freeze dried or stuffed!! There were many vendors at the show and I was thinking about how awkwar

The Tooth is Gone!

Sweet little thing is in the bed waiting on the Tooth Fairy to come. She pulled the tooth herself.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from Emily and Sarah Kate! I told them to look serious. You will understand why when you see Emily's GREEN teeth and mouth. They got a box of Fun Dip for Valentine's day. Emily's teeth look like they are rotting or either covered in algae. We had a little visit from Hollis and Harper today! It is nearly impossible to get all of them to look and smile for the camera. I just take what I can get.

Snow Day

I wanted an up-close picture of Emily's two front teeth. I KNOW she will lose one of these this week. It is literally dangling, but she will not let me pull it. This may be her last picture with both of her two front teeth. We are having a snow day here today! Because it is snowing, Sarah Kate thinks it is Christmas. The girls have been enjoying playing pet shop and coloring. They have also made a HUGE mess of the house. "Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for take off." Look what I got! Thanks to some of you telling me that I could get them outside of an airplane!!!!!! All I seem to do on this snow day is eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we got the girls a Hungry Hungry Hippo game. Steve and I both had this when we were little. They LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a miracle if we don't lose the marbles!!! Sarah Kate is completely over her strep throat! I am so glad she is back to normal!

Superbowl and Super Sick

Steve and I hosted our Sunday School class Superbowl party last weekend. We had a good group and I think everyone had a good time. All the girls talked and never even looked at the game. We always enjoy getting to know each other better. Monday night Sarah Kate started feeling really bad. So bad, that she asked to go to bed at 6:00. I KNEW she had to be low sick. Her temperature was 102. It even got to over 103 a couple of times. She was diagnosed on Tuesday with strep throat. We have never had that at our house before. She has been MISERABLE. The funny thing about her is that she will never admit to being sick or feeling bad. I would tell her this week that I was sorry she felt so bad and she would scream at me saying, "I AM NOT SICK, I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!" One time when she said this I checked her temp. and it was 102.2. She did not eat one bite Monday night Tuesday or Wed. She said her "tummy was full and she felt good!!!" I THINK she is doing better.

God Cares about Chairs

I got our new kitchen/breakfast room table put together. I know many people have lost sleep over whether or not I would get a table and chairs. Ha! I had bought a table about three weeks ago that had no chairs with it. I began a mission to find a deal on some good and STURDY chairs. I did not really care the color of the wood because I had every intention of painting and distressing them myself. The bad thing is that I don't really know what I am doing when it comes to painting and distressing furniture. I like to think I do, but I don't. I spent three solid days going to flea markets, antique stores and just pure junk stores. I met some nice shop owners and some rude ones. I had a mouse/ rat run right in front of me in one store. I had some fun times and some times that I just got depressed seeing old smelly junk! I prayed as I went to each place that the Lord would help me find the right chairs. I spotted the chairs above on a Monday morning. I went to about five o

A New Kind of Breakfast

This post is for two of my favorite friends, Amy and Amanda. I picked up one of our local magazines this week and had never really gotten a chance to scrutinize it, until dance class yesterday. I saw the above page and my mouth watered. I think it could have been that I was very hungry and the fact that I love everything in the picture: sugar, coffee and oranges! These cookies/ wafers/ bars looked right up my alley. I tried to explain to my friends that I LOVE things and have grit to them. They laughed and laughed. I don't like anything that has a smooth texture. I tried to explain how Chick-fil-a has gritty ice cream. I LOVE their ice cream. I have also always loved those Biscott cookies that they serve on airplanes. I want to go to every person on the plane and ask if I can have theirs. Amanda pointed out that these could not be good because they are whole grain. She also pointed out that they say, "golden oat." She reasoned that that would surely be a turn