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Life in Pictures!

Emily is enjoying her first year in band.  I am very impressed with her playing skill!
Sarah Kate was recently awarded the empathy award at her school.  She is very deserving of this!

Here we are before the Cotillion Holly Ball.
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Disney World- Part 1

I went to Disney World for the first time five years ago.  Before I went, I think I had the worst attitude ever about Disney.  I've never been one to enjoy Disney movies/cartoons.  I didn't want to go, and waited until the evening before we left to even think about packing.
After the first three hours at Epcot, I was in love with the place.  I decided that I would watch every Disney movie ever made.  Ha!  (I have not!)   My love for WDW still holds true!  This was our third trip as a family.  I loved having the Stamps with us.  They bring fun everywhere they go!  Our girls loved playing together and got along so well. 

 My favorite meal was our Cinderella dinner at the Grand Floridian.  All you can eat mussels, ( I'm probably the only guest who ate them!)  polenta, chocolate mousse!  SOOOOO good!


This Fall Emily has participated in Cotillion.  Some of you may wonder what that is, well, Cotillion means a social dance.  The boys and girls dress up, learn manners and learn several different dances.  Emily is loving it!

A Little Bit of This and Little Bit of That!

This Summer when I was at my parents house, I picked up a small green candle on the island and said, " Oh that is an Aromatique candle!  It's so good!"  My mom said, " No!  Dollar General!!!"  This my friends, is probably my favorite candle of all time!  Clean, crisp and fresh.... not too sweet.  Candle perfection from Dollar General!
 I picked this one up there too yesterday!  It is really good and strong!
 Frisco wearing a baby doll bib!  He didn't mind it at all!
 I've been trying for several months to find a good vintage kilim rug.  I found one a couple of weeks ago from Turkey on Ebay!  I'm loving it!
 Emily trying on my mom's wedding dress!  Perfect fit!

We enjoyed a Brad Paisley concert in ElDorado!  Great music and LOTS OF PEOPLE!  Attending this concert on Saturday, has made us so mindful of the tragedy that occurred that in Las Vagas!  Praying for them!

Goodbye Summer!

We had a great Summer, but it was a little too busy for my taste!  Hard to believe I have a 4th grader and a 6th grader!  Time does fly!
 Here is Emily and Sarah Kate before going to meet the teacher/open house!  They were excited and I was a nervous wreck!  I just want my girls to have great teachers and good kids in their class...DON'T WE ALL WANT THAT?  
 Then we left for Branson with our dear friends!  I love these girls so much!  Good friends right here!
 First day of school!  Lots of praying going on this day!

Emily got braces in May!  In just five days, her two front teeth went together!  WOW!

The Pioneer Woman Day!

I'm still smiling over my trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma to see the Pioneer Women!  I've always liked her, but after this trip I love her!  She is warm, kind and friendly.  She has class!  I LOVE the girls who were with me!  True friends!  We laughed so much on this trip!
 I could eat everything in this picture in one day!  The pie was soooooo good!  Of course, I didn't eat the crust.  I have never liked pie crust.
 I took this while standing in line for her to sign my cookbook.
 Here is the lodge where her show is filmed.  I loved the place!
 There was a note on this door that said, "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR!"  THAT sign made me WANT to open the door.  OOOhhhhhh, I was so tempted to open it.  Wonder what was in it!!!???
Remember these?  I bought these at her store called the Mercantile!  I loved the store!  So many cute and neat items!  The lunch was about the best I have EVER had!  The Chicken Fried Steak was absolutely incredible.  I needed to lay down after I ate …

Baskets and Horses

I feel like I am always about six months to a year behind on home decor and fashion.  I think it takes me a while to warm up to the latest fashion.  I had seen several tobacco baskets in stores and homes, but I never really thought they looked that great.  About a month ago, I decided I LOVED them.  I bought these from a friend.
SK has been begging me to ride a horse.  I have a friend who gives riding lessons, so I worked it out for her to have a riding lesson.  She loved it, but I think she got her fix because she has not mentioned it again!