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Christmas 2006 Emily & Elmo Granny & Emily Away in a Manger Christmas Angels Kay & Charlie

Cooped In

I feel like we have been cooped in! It seems Emily has had an illness for the past couple of weeks. We have missed Awana 3 weeks in a row. We missed Bible Study on Tuesday and then Play Day yesterday. Emily has had an ear infection and some strange rash all over her body. The Dr said it was a viral infection and would clear up in two days. She is a good Doctor because it happened just as she said. Yesterday we got ice and a little snow. I was NOT going to get out in that mess. We have saved a lot of money of gas this week. That has been really nice. Tonight I am getting out and I can't wait!!!!! We are having our Christmas Sunday School party. Steve's parents are coming some time this afternoon. God willing, next week we will have good health and good weather so we can get back into the swing of things.

New Toys

Friday I decided that Emily was spending too much time watching t.v. I read an article on the internet about how babies learn best with hands on experiences. Emily has always LOVED t.v. She just gets glued to it. I had also been thinking about most all the toys she has are really too babyish for a 10 month old, sooooooooooooooooo I went to Wal-Mart Friday and got her some new toys. I got her a pull-along puppy and a toy in which you drop balls into the top of it and they go through a maze and turn on lights and play music. They were both for babies 12 months and older. Emily likes them, but she can't quite master them yet. She doesn't love them, as I had hoped. But, we have a family member who does LOVE them! It is our crazy cat Kristen. She loves to stalk and attack the puppy and she thinks the balls are for her. She played with them all afternoon on Friday. So Kristen thinks she has new toys especially for her and Emily is content playing with the remote, magazines, cords and

Baby Play Day

Yesterday was our Baby Play/Reading Time. We went to Ginger's house. She really went all out for us. She read two pumpkin stories, did an art project, made Pumpkin shaped Rice Krispy treats and had pizza. It was one of our best times ever. Thanks Ginger for all your hard work! For the art project, our babies dipped their precious feet in white paint and printed them on a black paper. The papers were then turned upside down and given ghost faces. They are darling. I will keep Emily's forever. Emily loved chewing on the stem of her pumpkin and looking at their dog out the patio window. I love getting together with these other Moms and babies. It is ALWAYS fun! My friend Beth is coming Sat to visit. She lives in Tulsa. Her husband, Joey and baby, Baylor are coming too. Steve and Joey are going to the Razorback game. Beth and I will have so much fun. I have lots to show her and tell her. We are taking our babies to a pumking patch and taking their piuctures. I c

Inspired to Write

It has been a while since I have posted anything, and I have actually had some things to write. Baby Emily is taking a nap right now. Steve is due home any minute, but I thought I would use this time to write. Steve and I REALLY enjoyed our trip to Branson. We enjoyed our time together so much. We stayed at Big Cedar. It was nice and we had a FABULOUS brunch on Sunday morning there. Try their Sunday brunch when you are in Branson. You will not forget it! It is awesome. We shopped, went to the Titanic museum, the Imax and just rode around for the fun of it. I am so thankful for Steve. He is so much fun and makes me feel so loved. I cannot believe we have been married two years. We bought a new car. YEP, another Honda. We are a Honda Accord family. They are just dependable cars that get great gas milage. I am really enjoying it.

Calm After the Storm

We have had a very eventful past few days. Emily went to the E.R. last weekend for constipation and an ear infection and upper respiratory infection. Then we got a ticket for our car tags being expired, then to top it all off, Steve had a wreck. WOW! We only have one car now. We are praying that God will lead us to the perfect car for us. Emily is doing just fine now. In fact, she had a good day in the nursery yesterday. That is always a blessing. Steve went to the Razorback game at Auburn. I am so glad he got to go to that game. He had a wonderful time. I got Emily a Halloween costume. She is going to be a cowgirl. It is really precious. I had gotten her a bee costume, but I decided it was too short for her. She couldn't stretch her legs out. So, I took it back. This week I am planning to do some cleaning. There are lots of things we need to get rid of. I also have to clean because our parents are coming this weekend. Steve and I are going to Branson for our tw

My First TIme to Blog

This is my very first time to BLOG. My best friend Kelly set this up for me. What a blessing she is! Today has been really busy! Emily and I had baby reading day this morning. I don't think Emily has ever even noticed someone is reading to her, but the interaction is so good for her. She sits on the floor with all her nursery friends and they play. She doesn't see her nursery friends very often because at church she spends most of her time outside or strolling in the halls. She doesn't like the nursery very much at all. I am loving this cooler weather. Kelly and Julie, I hope ya'll are proud to see this blog!

First Post

Steve, Laurie and Emily.