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New Toys

Friday I decided that Emily was spending too much time watching t.v. I read an article on the internet about how babies learn best with hands on experiences. Emily has always LOVED t.v. She just gets glued to it. I had also been thinking about most all the toys she has are really too babyish for a 10 month old, sooooooooooooooooo I went to Wal-Mart Friday and got her some new toys. I got her a pull-along puppy and a toy in which you drop balls into the top of it and they go through a maze and turn on lights and play music. They were both for babies 12 months and older. Emily likes them, but she can't quite master them yet. She doesn't love them, as I had hoped. But, we have a family member who does LOVE them! It is our crazy cat Kristen. She loves to stalk and attack the puppy and she thinks the balls are for her. She played with them all afternoon on Friday. So Kristen thinks she has new toys especially for her and Emily is content playing with the remote, magazines, cords and