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Our computer has some sort of BAD problem.  It only works for about five minutes and then shuts down.  Here is a picture of our week:  Vacation Bible School.  I worked in the baby room and loved every second of being with those babies!  My girls LOVED VBS!!!!!!


For Sarah Kate's Birthday, my parents got her a live butterfly habitat.  They have loved it!!!  It started out as caterpillars and then formed cocoons.  We have loved watching the transformation.         Another family member loves the butterflies too!  TOO MUCH!  She is finding herself locked up when we are not home.  Cats will be cats.

My List

Can you explain this to me? We have to wake Emily up EVERY morning for school.  We wake her at 6:15 and sometimes it is really hard for her to get out of bed.  Yesterday was her first day out of school for the summer.  Guess what?  She woke up on her own at 6:05.  Unbelievable. I refused to get up. A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog where the writer and made a list.  It was a really fun read and so I am doing a little list today. 1.  I have to have ice in my water.  I can hardly drink water without ice. I don't like bottled water, it makes my stomach feel weird and almost gags me.  Put some ice in that water and I will drink it down in a second. 2.  I always like number 8 on any c.d.  It is usually my favorite song. 3.  When I go out to eat, I like a place that gives you a lot of food!  I want my money's worth and I like having leftovers for lunch the next day. 4.  You will never catch me reading any popular series like Hunger Games or Twilight.  It just do

This and That of Summer

Emily on her first day of kindergarten and on her last day!   I bought this book a couple of weeks ago, and it is so good!  If you have a girl, you ought to read this.  I remember some of my friends reading Bringing up Boys a few years ago.  I am so glad there is one for girls too. Sarah Kate on her birthday, June 14th.  We made the pink cupcakes, minus the cheese, and she said she did not like them.  She told me that they did not taste like Pinkalicious' cupcakes.  Like she would know. She wanted Sonic for her birthday dinner.  The girls have a new love for Sonic. Thursday night I went to Caroline's wedding.  I love a love story and I love a good wedding!  Everything was beautiful! Faith and Jenna.  I meet them a couple of years ago in Atlanta when we went to a Beth Moore conference together.  You can tell by looking that they are sweet girls. Two of my favorites:  Jill and Hillary.  Hillary spent the night at our house after the wedding and I loved her


 Last week was Emily's kindergarten graduation.  I was sooooo very sad.  I was a little sad when she started kindergarten, but a whole lot more said for her to graduate.  I just feel like she is so old now.  Part of the reason I was so sad is because Emily has had a great start to school. I don't think she could have had a better year.  She loved every day of school.  She loved her classmates and she LOVED her teacher.  I was so thankful for Emily to have a teacher who is a Christian.  I started praying way before she started school that she would have just the right teacher that she needed and that she would be a Christian.  God answered my prayer!  Emily has learned and grown so much.  She has gotten some many wonderful experiences.  She has been exposed to so many things that are shaping who she is.  I am praying like crazy for her teacher and classmates next year.

Happy 4th Birthday SK!

 Happy Birthday Sarah Kate!  Here she is on her first birthday!  Four years ago today!  Her mouth looks exactly the same now. Here she is today!  We love her soooo much and we are so thankful for her.  She is so funny.   I pray that THIS will be the year that she gets over the " I can only wear dresses and I only choose from three of them."  She wants pink cupcakes today and she says she wants cheese on them.  Hummmmmm. 

Sarah Kate's Birthday Party

 Sarah Kate will turn four tomorrow.  We had her party on Sunday afternoon.   The first guest was Neely.  Sarah Kate loves her so much!  Neely's mom, Amanda and baby sister, Lela.  Sunday was Lela's first birthday.  Amber with Jessica holding Will.  Will is Amber's six week old.  Jessica's son, Parker.  Ella Kate with Emily.  Harper and Alex  Wells Jackson and Bethany We have had a VERY VERY VERY busy few days.  All the parents came Friday.  Friday night we went to a dinner with church friends.  Saturday was the dance recital.  Sunday was Sarah Kate's party.  Tuesday was Emily's kindergarten graduation.  We also celebrated an early Father's Day and my mother in law's birthday.  Today is a nothing day and I am glad!  It was all wonderful, but time to relax a little!!!!

Life Lately

L Last week, one of my "very best/like family" friends was in town to see her sister, Meredith.  I got to spend a few hours with them.  I LOVED it and so did my girls.  The girls had their dance recital this past weekend.  I loved it, but I am glad it is over.  This last picture sums up the recital.  I will save that for a later post. THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the thoughts about my dancing/soccer/activity post.  I think I have some clarity and I think I know what my plan is for next year.

To Dance or not to Dance-To Play or not to Play????

Last week, Emily's school hosted a Sock Hop for all kindergarteners.  It was really really cute!  She had a great time dancing!  Sarah Kate had a good time too.  I was able to borrow outfits from Emily's teacher and a friend for the girls. On another note.....Emily is just like me....she LOVES school cafeteria food.  Ha!  She has started eating school breakfast and loves it too.  I am the only mother in the world that goes to school and eats the cafeteria food with my child.  Most parents bring in fast food.  I always like to go when they have burritos.  TO PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY?????? My girls take dance.  Sarah Kate loves it!  Emily does great at class but cries almost every week before class saying that she does not like it.  I literally have to dress her as she is crying.  Once class starts, she seems very happy and is really good at it.  I like the dance instructor and the studio.  I like taking them. I think it is good for them.  BUT,  do I continue to