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Choices and Changes

 If and only if the price is right, I am wanting to get my dining room re-painted.  I like the red, but I am tired of it.  According to two decorators I know, they say red is OUT. I would love to be trendy and do some sort of blue/green/gray tone, but I think the safe route would be a tan/nuetral color.  We had the living room and dining room painted Latte in January and I LOVE it!!!!  I THINK I am going to do the dining room in the color one step up from that called Hopsack.

Memorial Day Memories

 Friday afternoon we drove to Memphis to spend the weekend with Steve's family.  We stopped in Forrest City and ate at a place called the Old Saw Mill.  I was nervous about it, but it turned out to be all you can eat Crawfish and Low Country Broil.  I went a little crazy!  They may never let me come back.  I know they lost money on the amount I ate.  It was delicious!!!!   The cousins had so much for playing together......  and being with Kay-K and Pop.  We had Saturday lunch at the Silver Caboose.  It is wonderful food and great service.  I have never been disappointed at this place.  It is in an old pharmacy building.  I got to shop at some of my FAVORITE stores with my SIL.  We had fun!  Steve and his uncle Charlie  Such a nice and friendly family! I think we all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Yesterday afternoon the girls were having a little spat and Emily said, "That is Sarah Kate's fourth popsicle!"  Sarah Kate replied, &quo

Raising Girls

 My girls have always been very very different from each other.  I always say they are "just night and day."  Emily is a very kind child.  She loves to talk to adults.  She does what is right and is bothered when others do not.  She loves to play with other kids, but she also loves to be by herself and draw and write stories.  She is very sensitive and a deep thinker.  Sometimes I think she is too sweet.  She needs to be more assertive.  She HATES homework.....and math.  Sarah Kate is very strong willed.  She is super friendly and can get along with anyone.  She is very much a leader.  Nothing seems to phase her.  She REFUSES to play by herself.  She rolls with the punches in most cases.  She smiles all the time.  She loves to hug people.  Sarah Kate will meet everyone in a room with confidence.  She likes to do homework.  She is kinda addicted to t.v.  She can throw a BIG TIME FIT. AND...the older they get the harder it is to parent them.  I have been seeking ways to

Mother's Day and the Big Girl Closet

 I was so happy to have my mom visit us for Mother's Day weekend.  I am so thankful for a wonderful and wise mother! We had a little photo session Sunday afternoon.   My dad got roses for me and my mother!  Very sweet of him. I got a little sad about a shopping spree that we had Saturday afternoon.  I usually love to shop, but not this day.  Emily has started wanting to choose her own clothes.  She has always been very agreeable about what she wears until a couple of months ago.  She is finishing up her second grade year.  I have managed to dress her like a sweet little girl, but I am seeing that it is time to move on.  We moved on to Justice for Girls.  Emily was happy as could be to be in there.  I have stayed away from there as long as possible.  She selected a couple of outfits and she is so proud of them.  She says they are so fancy.  She is growing up and it is very bittersweet. Being a mom is HARD.

Swaddling Fun

 One morning last week I kept a friend's new baby for a little while.  The sweet baby was asleep when I got there and on the monitor she looked so precious in her swaddle blanket.  Right before her mom returned home, she woke up.  I was so excited to see her and hold her.  She was all smiles and snug as a bug in a rug.  I spent a long time trying to figure out the swaddle blanket and struggled to get her out of it.  Sarah Kate LOVED to be swaddled as a baby.  It would always calm her down and help her sleep longer.  Maybe this explains why SK likes her clothes to be tight.  SK's little velcro swaddle blanket was nothing compared to the Miracle Swaddle Blanket.  It was a puzzle for me.  That night when I was tucking my girls in for bed, I told SK that I was going to swaddle her.  I wrapped her up as tight as I could and she pretended to immediately go to sleep.  Emily wanted to be swaddled too.  The girls got a big kick out of this and they laughed and laughed.  I know I was c