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This and That

Sarah Kate was 5 months old on Friday. Time is going by too fast! Just before bath time. Our church asked us if we could decorate for Christmas early this year so the church could film it for some videos during December services. I decorated our dining room and then they decided not to do the filming this year and wait till next Christmas. So, my dining room is ready for guests. I enjoyed getting everything ready! This weekend was my best friend's baby shower. It was all really nice and I had a wonderful time seeing all the cute things. These cookies are the cutest in the world! Me and Kelly. Kelly and her sweet mom, Judy. Elizabeth, John Michael, Judy (Scott's Mom) and Mary Avery.

Any Suggestions???

This little baby girl is almost 5 months old. Time flies! She is STILL waking up EVERY three hours through the night to eat. She needs to sleep and I need to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done the basics of Baby Wise and it didn't work. I know it is just a bad habit for her to wake and eat, but it makes me too sad to just close the door and let her cry. Do you have any suggestion on how to make her sleep longer? Here is E watching Curious George. Last night, I gave her a BIG ole bowl of rice cereal thinking this was the key to sleep. NOPE. She LOVED it! She would grab my hand as it got to her mouth. This is Steve when he returned from his hunting trip with Scott. I don't think Disney World would have made him any happier. He had the time of his life.

Halloween Fun

We ended our trick or treating by going to Kelly and Scott's house. Emily LOVED this little dog!!! She called it "sweetie." We ate some wonderful cake and I looked at Harper's darling room. Here the girls are just before going out into the neighborhood. Emily did not know what to think about this night. My baby bunny.