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Any Suggestions???

This little baby girl is almost 5 months old. Time flies! She is STILL waking up EVERY three hours through the night to eat. She needs to sleep and I need to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have done the basics of Baby Wise and it didn't work. I know it is just a bad habit for her to wake and eat, but it makes me too sad to just close the door and let her cry. Do you have any suggestion on how to make her sleep longer?
Here is E watching Curious George.
Last night, I gave her a BIG ole bowl of rice cereal thinking this was the key to sleep. NOPE. She LOVED it! She would grab my hand as it got to her mouth.
This is Steve when he returned from his hunting trip with Scott. I don't think Disney World would have made him any happier. He had the time of his life.


Kelly said…
I don't have any suggestions yet obviously - but I can understand how hard it would be to turn down the crys of that little "sweetie". ha!
I can't believe she is already 5 months old on Friday! That is crazy!
I'm glad Scott and Steve had such a big time but I'm afraid they might not invite us on another vacation - it will just be them going hunting. Scott asked me at lunch when he could plan another hunting trip before gun season ends in a few weeks. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THESE TWO?
Julia said…
Have you ever heard of Dr. Denmark? There are some good books with her methods for getting baby to sleep through the night. Also, my friends started a Denmark blog called Denmark should check it out!
Michele said…
I'm a huge fan of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth - it helped me understand the sleep patterns so much better - you might check it out if you are interested.
Kim said…
I have no suggestions....I was thinking maybe something that would fill her up. But, I guess that doesn't work either. She just loves you so much she can't be away from you very long. She is such a cutie!!
I'm not going to offer any suggestions since I've only had the experience of getting Baby D to sleep through the night...he was a good sleeper all on his own.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

We would pray this scripture over him before bedtime.

Lord, let Sarah Kate lie down and sleep in peace!
Beth Roberts said…
My little girl finally started sleeping through the night around 9 months old, much to the dismay of my husband and I, who read and followed Baby Wise to a T! What finally ended up working for us was that I'd go and get her when she'd cry to eat, but instead of feeding her, I'd give her back her binkie and rock with her, sometimes for an hour or so, just to hold her off. I think a lot of it was that she just was used to getting up and eating. She wasn't necessarily hungry. So anyway, we'd rock and hold her off for an hour, then if she still acted hungry I'd nurse her. She gradually started going longer and longer between waking up, and eventually went all night. :)
Mary Avery said…
Laurie, you know I don't have any suggestions! JM and SK are two of a kind. Although, he did make it to 3:30 two different nights over the last 2 weeks or so. When we started rice cereal I just knew that would do the trick...nope! Now that we've started food I thought that would do the trick..nope! Our little ones just love us so much they want to be snuggled up close at night to sleep!
Mary Ella said…
Laurie what is her feeding schedule like during the day? My kids have all been good sleepers...God only gives us what we can handle and he knows I can't handle much. You are a trooper in his eyes!!!
The Garners said…
Alexee was going on 6 months and still waking up once in the night to eat. A friend suggested giving a bottle of water instead of milk/nursing at that feeding. So I tried it--it made her mad at first, but she gave up that feeding that very week. I don't know if it was just a coincidence or not, but it might be worth a try??? Maybe she realized she wasn't really hungry and it wasn't worth waking up for water???? Hope you get a good night's rest really soon!
Sara Campbell said…
Hey! I echo the last comment about trying the bottle of water, I've heard that sometimes works. My friend here did Babywise and her boy was 3 mo. old (and plenty chubby so it wasn't that he didn't have enough to eat) and not sleeping all night. She had to start back to work and needed to get him sleeping all night. She let him cry it out 1 night and that was all it took. I have heard others tried it and it was maybe 3-4 nights. I know it is hard, though! Mine never did that so I don't know from experience, but maybe that advice helps. It is so hard to hear them cry. :( Let us know if anything works!
pinkmommy said…
The suggestion about the bottle of water is interesting. Let me know if you try it!
Brooke said…
I have no suggestions, but lots of empathy. My 4th is 11 months old and still not sleeping through the night! I'm at fault, because I go to her instantly when she calls for me at night. These baby days are precious and few, and I can't seem to find the self discipline to give up our middle of the night time together.

I'm rather tempted to try the water bottle trick though. I do know that I need to find the motivation to try something soon! :) Let us know if you find the magic answer!

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