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Big News!!!

I had my ultrasound today and we are having another baby girl! I am just thrilled. I had prayed from the beginning that it would be a girl. Steve would have liked a boy, but he is happy as can be! Here is the best news: The baby looked very healthy from what they could tell. I have prayed each day that the baby would be healthy. I am praising the Lord for this! I have loved having Emily and I love all her cute little clothes and girly toys and bows. I am glad we can use the stuff again. All we need now is diapers and wipes. The Lord has been so good to us. We are blessed! Right now, I think we are naming her Sara Kate.
I just wanted everyone to see what Miss Emily does to pass time. She emptied every blanket and burp cloth from her changing table and then put a doll or animal on each one of them. She told each one of them 'night night' and then later on in the day, she brought each of them a "biaper" as she calls them. Some of them got special treatment because they got a bowl or cup from her kitchen set. She is quite the little mother. Another favorite activity is trying on mine and Steve's shoes. Here she is in her Daddy's shoes. She goes through this shoe routine most everyday. A very special thanks to Kelly for helping me make my blog look better.


I feel like we have just been a house of sickness since November. If I am not sick ,then Emily is sick. Steve got sick last week and missed 3 days of work. On Friday Emily got some sort of sickness and we took her to the Dr. on Sat morning. He just said she had the next "bug" going around. She has seen the Dr. 3 times in the last month. A couple of week ago she got Croup. She sounded aweful and it REALLY scared us. I try to wash her hands a lot and I am always washing my hands, so I don't know why we are getting so sick. I think I catch a lot of things because I am pregnant and my immune system is not as strong. I got something aweful on Sunday! I never have a sore throat but my nose runs more than it doesn't and is always stopped up. Monday I went to a walk in clinic and the Physican's Asssistant told me I had the flu, a cold, acute sinusitus, fluid behind my ears and bronchitis. I only believe half of that. I think I have a really bad cold. I hav

Daddy / daughter first date!

Here is Emily and I before we went on our first Thursday date to spend time just between us. We had a great time at McDonalds and got to eat and play.

2 Years Old!

Emily had a wonderful birthday with family and friends. Emily's new kitchen Emily and Horsey The guests have arrived... Emily and Mom open gifts