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The Pioneer Woman Day!

 I'm still smiling over my trip to Pawhuska Oklahoma to see the Pioneer Women!  I've always liked her, but after this trip I love her!  She is warm, kind and friendly.  She has class!  I LOVE the girls who were with me!  True friends!  We laughed so much on this trip!  I could eat everything in this picture in one day!  The pie was soooooo good!  Of course, I didn't eat the crust.  I have never liked pie crust.  I took this while standing in line for her to sign my cookbook.  Here is the lodge where her show is filmed.  I loved the place!  There was a note on this door that said, "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR!"  THAT sign made me WANT to open the door.  OOOhhhhhh, I was so tempted to open it.  Wonder what was in it!!!??? Remember these?  I bought these at her store called the Mercantile!  I loved the store!  So many cute and neat items!  The lunch was about the best I have EVER had!  The Chicken Fried Steak was absolutely incredible.  I needed to lay dow

Baskets and Horses

 I feel like I am always about six months to a year behind on home decor and fashion.  I think it takes me a while to warm up to the latest fashion.  I had seen several tobacco baskets in stores and homes, but I never really thought they looked that great.  About a month ago, I decided I LOVED them.  I bought these from a friend. SK has been begging me to ride a horse.  I have a friend who gives riding lessons, so I worked it out for her to have a riding lesson.  She loved it, but I think she got her fix because she has not mentioned it again!