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New Diet Pills

 I was in a pharmacy today to pick up a couple of gifts.  I spotted these Jelly Bellies at the checkout.  The pharmacist and the checker were so excited about them and told me all about them.  The trickster/immature side of me could not resist!  I was sold.  In fact, I bought three boxes. One is a good flavor and one is a DISGUSTING FLAVOR.  You don't know which one you will get. I got to the car to dig into my new found beans.  The first flavor was baby wipe.  Tasted just like Baby Fresh wipes.  Not that I have tasted a baby wipe, but just like you think one would taste.  It was tolerable.  Second was canned dog food.  Tasted just like it!  SO GROSS, but I ate it.  THEN.......skunk.  THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER tasted.  I spit it out on the street as I was driving.  That was all I could do.  The taste is still with me. I showed the girls this afternoon and SK dared me to eat the barf one.  I took a nibble.  Let's just say I may never be the same!  My tongue is still num