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Color and Scent

 I settled on a wall color:  SW- Latte  Do any of you have this color in your house?  According to the man at our local Sherwin Williams it is their top selling color.  I just wanted to go back to a very neutral color.  I didn't want to do anything too dark because I want the room to look bigger and brighter. I bought this color chip book on Saturday and I am having so much fun with it.  Everytime Steve looks at me I have this in my hands and usually have it pressed against a wall. I try to get a perfume for Christmas every year.  Have you ever smelled Oscar de la Renta's  Something Blue?  I THINK I love it.

Out with the Old

 I am thinking of doing away with the gold (Danish Pine).  I had this painted five years ago and I am getting tired of it. Hoping to do something more neutral.  This is Sherwin Williams Studio Taupe.  It looks gray here, but it really isn't.  What I REALLY want to do is have our kitchen cabinets painted white and then glazed, BUT it will be $2200 at the least. In other news.............. I had to take Kristen the cat to the vet Monday and it was VERY STRESSFUL!!!!  Just plain awful.  Trying to get her in the carrier is dreadful.  She kept hopping out of my reach.  I trapped her in the bathroom and got her in the crate.  Then she tried to kill the clinic staff.  They wrapped her in the armored blanket and she was making sounds that made me jump.  The loudest cat screams you have ever heard.  I take her to a clinic in a town about 30 minutes away.  They only see cats and the vet there has a degree in felines and feline geriatrics.  She is very smart and knows Kristen's

Princess Treatment

We are so thankful for sweet friendships.  The girls were invited to Kinley's 5th birthday at a little girl nail salon.  The place is SOOO CUTE!  My girls had been counting down the days/sleeps until the party.  It was magical for them.  They are so proud of their nails.  Sarah Kate has wanted to wear sandals every day since, in the 30 degree weather so people could see her toenails.  Ha!  That did not happen! I loved visiting with my grown-up girlfriends!

Thank You!

I want to thank those of you who took the time to read my testimony on Kelly's blog last week.  Thank you for the kind words that you left.  I went back and left a few words of encouragement and thanks on the first half of them.  I plan to finish the rest this week. I went to a baby shower last week for my friend, Elizabeth.  It was hosted at my friend Maegan's house.  I LOVE her house and decor.  She collects old pictures.  She inspired me.  I found and bought this old framed print at a local antique mall on Friday.  I think it is so cute and my girls loved it.

The Clothes and Costumes of October

 Several weeks ago Sarah Kate decided she wanted to be Tinkerbell for Halloween.  Emily wanted to be a cat.  So, they wore those costumes to their school Costume Carnival.  The night of the "intruder," when eight police officers were at my house,  the girls were wearing their Christmas clothes.  Don't you know those officers thought we were CRAZY?  We had done a little photo shoot with Kelly for an article she is doing for a magazine in December.    On Halloween it was Pirate day at school.  Emily decided she would just stay in pirate costume to go Trick or Treating.  SK asked if she could wear Emily's cat costume. We had such a fun night out trick or treating! Sarah Kate organized her candy and was very particular about what she would let me and Steve eat.  Emily dumped hers on the floor and it was a free for all.  They are so different!!!!