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Good Times!

This has been a very good week for me. But, I have been a little too busy for my taste. I have had something EVERY night except for Tuesday night. I am soooooo happy to be able to relax tonight with my family! We all need it! Thursday night we had our Sunday school girls night at Rachel's house. We laughed and had so much fun. I am sooooooo thankful for my church friends. Rachel has the cutest/neatest house. Her house is FULL of personality. Our Sunday school class is filled with personality too! I think everyone feels like they can be themselves in our group. We are so blessed to have each other!!!!!! I always ask group questions and we have lots of fun and laughs with the questions. This first picture is Amy, Kacy and Kelly. Silly poses with Berkli, Vonda, Rachel and Ashley Amber, Jessica, me, Beth,(I took Beth as my guest) Jennifer. Julie, Ginger, Bethany and Elizabeth We had the honor of having Angie Smith speak to our Women's group this morning. She was wonderf

Dog-gone Fun!

Last night I went to Kelly's surprise baby shower. I loved seeing the surprise on her face! We had a lot of fun! Steve went deer hunting with Scott this past weekend in South Arkansas. He killed a deer with his bow. I was very happy for him, but very sad for the deer and it's family!!! While Steve hunted, I went with my parents to a dog show that my hometown hosts. It was a really nice show. I had never been to one before. They had over 600 dogs participate. This was my favorite kind of dog. At the dog show with Meme. We also went to a cupcake shop that is new in town. Yummy Cupcakes is the name! Gotta LOVE the little cell phone on top. Sarah Kate had her first dentist appointment last Thursday. She did great and she got a very good check-up. They were explaining x-rays to her. Sarah Kate was making an imaginary phone call before going in the dentist's office. The girls LOVE to watch the Wizard of Oz. My parents bought the movie for them and they love watching it

Bird and Brewer

On Valentine's day, Sarah Kate and I went to Belk's with the intention of getting Steve some pants. He had a Christmas gift card from there and I had a really good coupon to use. As we were approaching Belk's door, a rather large bird came speeding right in front of us. Sarah Kate said, "Oh NO!" The bird looked REALLY stressed out. I was really stressed out at the sight of him. I thought to myself, "that is a road runner." He was trying to get in Belk's. There was a man sitting on the bench right in the entry way and I said, "what kind of bird is that?" He replied,"that's a road runner, can't imagine what it is doing here." There was a couple right behind us talking about the bird also, The bird said, "beep, beep" as it crossed their path. No, I am just kidding, but it makes for a great story. I don't think I have EVER entered a store so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even know you could see a

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Steve and I were able to have a nice Valentine's date on Saturday night! I was like a new woman after being cooped up in the house for four days. Tonight Steve is cooking dinner for me and we are having crab legs. I LOVE crab legs and all seafood! I am so thrilled to see sunshine and be back on our normal routine! For all you singles girls, here is my advice: Wear your favorite outfit, have your favorite food and rent your favorite movie! I used to always do this on Valentine's day!

Scents to Keep me Sane

Yesterday morning it was 17 degrees BELOW zero here. Everything was so beautiful and quiet outside. I loved seeing the frozen ice on all the trees. I have not been out, but I am not going too crazy this time around with being cooped up. I have actually gotten a lot done and the girls have been pretty good. BUT.....I am ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!!! My little "pick me up" this week has been burning candles I LOVE! These candles remind me of Spring and Summer. Several years ago I found these Circle E candles at a Hallmark Store in Shreveport. They are WONDERFUL candles. This scent is my favorite. I have never found anyone that does not like this scent. Bird of Paradise is their number one seller. It is a great fragrance for anytime of the year. There is only one store in NWA, to my knowledge, that sells these candles. They are high quality candles with a strong scent. Last Summer I got hooked on Island Nectar from Bath and Body Works. I burned this one all day yester

The BIG Snowstorm

I don't remember EVER seeing this much snow. It is sooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of when Mr. Ingalls opened up the window and climbed out onto the snow in his snow shoes. I am happy to be snowed in with the ones I love so much! Steve is home today and that NEVER happens!!!!! I am looking forward to watching American Idol tonight and not having to worry about going anywhere. Emily has been working hard on her Valentine cards and Sarah Kate has been pretending she is Clara from the Nutcracker. I have worked my way through a pile of clean laundry that was deeper than the snow. BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to wash clothes, I just hate putting them away.

Gap Long and Lean

I am the proud owner of a new pair of Gap Long and Lean jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got out today and went to the mall. I was on a mission for jeans. THANK YOU to all my readers that recommended these jeans to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl that waited on me in the store was sooo nice and friendly. She asked very enthusiastically, "DO YOU WANT TO TRY THOSE JEANS ON?" I am sure she was really thinking," sweetie, you are mooning us all, let's get those on you quickly." I put them on and almost sang the Hallelujah Chorus in the dressing room. I bent over and squatted down and everything else I could think of and THEY STAYED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came of of the dressing smiling so big that my teeth were showing. People probably thought I was NUTS! Just happy to be comfortable and NOT exposing myself!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for all the help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adventures in the Snow

Day 447 of captivity..............oh , no, excuse me, it is only day 4 but it seems like 400. I have had a very content attitude about being snowed in until last night and I nearly snapped. It has been snowing again today. But, I have been able to get a lot of things done, like laundry. On Tuesday night, we smelled a strong natural gas smell coming from our bedroom/bathroom. We went to bed, like idiots. We had our carbon monoxide detector in there and it showed nothing. At 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, I called the gas company. The nice lady asked me several question and needed my verbal agreement that we would leave the house promptly and wait on the man to come check on the problem. I told her that we would leave, BUT I had a two year old, a five year old and my husband had taken my car to work. She told me we HAD to get out of the house. I was thinking "well, we slept in it all night." She had me terrified. She gave me a list of instruction before we got off

Happy Snow Day!!!!

We are snowed in today and I have loved every minute of it! Steve came home at noon. I am cooking the wonderful "Mississippi Roast." The sad part is that Steve and I cannot keep out of the roast. There will not be much left by the time supper gets here. Sarah Kate had her tutu and tights on by 8:00 this morning. She said she was ready to go see her friend Neely. I told her that we could not go to Neely's house because we could not drive on the ice and snow. She said, "It's okay mama, I will just walk." She stood by the door half the morning crying about wanting to go to Neely's house. Emily wore her glasses to church on Sunday and some friends told her they looked weird. She has not had them on since. I caught Sarah Kate in them this morning. I know that Steve truly loves me! I am the ONLY one in the family that likes Kristen. Last night I was convinced that Kristen had gotten out of the house. I was panic stricken. Steve got out of bed at 1