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Scents to Keep me Sane

Yesterday morning it was 17 degrees BELOW zero here. Everything was so beautiful and quiet outside. I loved seeing the frozen ice on all the trees. I have not been out, but I am not going too crazy this time around with being cooped up. I have actually gotten a lot done and the girls have been pretty good.
BUT.....I am ready for Spring!!!!!!!!!!! My little "pick me up" this week has been burning candles I LOVE! These candles remind me of Spring and Summer.
Several years ago I found these Circle E candles at a Hallmark Store in Shreveport. They are WONDERFUL candles. This scent is my favorite. I have never found anyone that does not like this scent. Bird of Paradise is their number one seller. It is a great fragrance for anytime of the year. There is only one store in NWA, to my knowledge, that sells these candles. They are high quality candles with a strong scent.
Last Summer I got hooked on Island Nectar from Bath and Body Works. I burned this one all day yesterday to help my mind escape to a warm tropical place. It is sweet and fruity smelling.
Another bigtime favorite candle is the quince scent from Pottery Barn. It is very clean and crisp smelling.
My new favorite from Bath and Body Works 2011 Spring scents is Sparkling Mojito. This is another very clean, fresh scent.

I know candles can be considered money up in smoke, but I love to burn candles and make my house smell wonderful.
One of my happiest times is to have a clean house, a great smelling candle burning and a great magazine to read! LOVE IT!
Do you have a favorite candle scent?


Anonymous said…
Circle E candles are sold at multiple stores where I come from-Southeast Texas. I have LOVED Bird of Paradise for years!!!
Melanie Mueller said…
Wow- that is so cccccold. I cannot even imagine!! We are ready for spring around here and we barely get a winter. Hang in there! Bird of Paradise is my favorite candle scent!! LOVE it!!!
LeeAnne said…
hey Laurie,
Have you ever seen Scentsy wickless candles? I actually sell them and they are awesome. You can read about them on my website or you can got to (PS: Im not trying to peddle my wares but it really is a neat product I think you would love.) I know you would love the scent called Skinny Dippin. Coming from Texas my second favorite candle would be Circle E-Bird of Paradise and then Bath and Body Works-Midnight Kiss.
Laurie in SC said…
Laurie, thanks to YOU, I just ordered myself some candles from Circle E. I am so excited b/c one of their newest scents is COTTON CANDY - and I love CC! Thanks so much for sharing your candles with us. Here's a link to Circle E you can share with your readers if you like:
Love Laurie from Scene of the Grime
Johanne said…
My favourite candles are cinnamon & bayberry from Party Lite. So nice.

I love burning candles as well :) I shall try the one's you mentioned.
If you cant be in a tropical place or need a pick me up to make you a little happier candles are the next best thing. :)
Angie said…
my absolute favorites are swan creek candles!!! they are sometimes hard to fine...but are the BEST! they come in a cute pottery piece.
audra kate said…
Island Nectar is one of my favorites! Smells great as a hand soap too!
Ana said…
I saw that someone posted about Scentsy..... I LOVE my scentsy. I got it for Christmas, and use it everyday! It always smells so good! (And I got several scents, so I can change it out whenever I want to)
Jennifer said…
I love that your favortie candle is Bird of Paradise, but you don't really love birds! Ha!

I think I have heard Kelly talk about that candle, too! I'm going to have to get one!
Ashley said…
I also sell Scentsy and if you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should! I am hooked and will probably never burn another traditional candle again! :)
Tara G. said…
I can do vanilla, apple, pumpkin, and sugar cookie- anything else about drives me crazy; after pregnancy, my sense of smell heightened dramatically. Lavender is the worst and when I was in labor with my second, the midwife offered to bring in lavender scented massage lotion- my husband told him he'd better keep it far away if he didn't want to get hurt! :)
I love all your choices. I, unlike the others, am not a big scentsy fan because I feel like the scent doesn't travel. I love the burn candles and love their strong, but not headache, smell. I need to find the Circle E ones.
Anonymous said…
Birds of Paradise is my favorite scent too. I am a fan of Yankee Candles too.
Volcano at the Anthropology store. Also, check out the ones at Pier One. Do y'all have that store
Mrs. Jenk said…
Bird of Paradise is too sweet for me! Have your burned "Tyler" from Tyler candles, with the leopard lid. My all time favorite!
Leslie said…
I love sun and sand by Yankee Candle. I need my house to smell like the beach at all times. It smells like sunblock which I can't get enough of. I have a friend that loves the leather candle by circle E.
Christi said…
Wow, I wish I lived closer to TX to get one of those candles. I'm looking for some great candle scents. I have a very sensitive smeller (my word) floral smells are no...clean smells are prepared.

Christi said…
preferred...not's been a long week so the brain is dragging.
Anita said…
I could not agree more. I am a very seasonal person and I burn candles related to the season to help add to my changes in accessories. I am definitely a smell person! I also love birds of paradise and I have to order it from the company to get it in NC.
Laura Burciaga said…
I also love those Circle E candles and Bird of Paradise is the best!!! We sold them when I used to work at Hallmark. I am now hooked on Aloha Orchid candles. You can buy them at Anthropologie or order them online but they are amazing!!
Nicolle said…
Just stopping by your blog from Kelly's. I love candles too. Walmart of all places just came out with a Vanilla Lime candle. I stocked up yesterday on 3 of them. They are heavenly! Might be one of my all time favorite candles now. :)
Nancy said…
I'm a cinnamon candle kind of girl. :) I love the way Hallmark & Cracker Barrel smell when I go in those stores. I wish my house smelled like that!
Sara Campbell said…
Mine is 'cumin'. :)
I love bird of paradise, my Granny burns it all the time. On a side note, I'm from Shreveport!

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