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Good Times!

This has been a very good week for me. But, I have been a little too busy for my taste. I have had something EVERY night except for Tuesday night. I am soooooo happy to be able to relax tonight with my family! We all need it!
Thursday night we had our Sunday school girls night at Rachel's house. We laughed and had so much fun. I am sooooooo thankful for my church friends. Rachel has the cutest/neatest house. Her house is FULL of personality. Our Sunday school class is filled with personality too! I think everyone feels like they can be themselves in our group. We are so blessed to have each other!!!!!! I always ask group questions and we have lots of fun and laughs with the questions.
This first picture is Amy, Kacy and Kelly.
Silly poses with Berkli, Vonda, Rachel and Ashley
Amber, Jessica, me, Beth,(I took Beth as my guest) Jennifer.
Julie, Ginger, Bethany and Elizabeth
We had the honor of having Angie Smith speak to our Women's group this morning. She was wonderful! She is just so REAL. She was a delight to be around. She brought her 5 year old, Kate with her. She was soooooo well behaved. I need to take some parenting classes from Angie!

On a different note: SK is sorta/kinda potty trained. I do believe she is the oldest child on record to still use a changing table that I use everyday. She will be 3 in June. I have gotten sooooo much use out of the changing table and it is so good for this old mama's back. Well, it was a sad day on Thursday when I had SK on the changing table and the top of it came crashing down on one side. Sarah Kate said, "Ohhhh what happened?" I think that is a sign that we need to get rid of it. I am sad not to have a baby anymore.


I know it's not funny because SK could have been hurt, but I couldn't help but giggle imagining her asking, "WHAT WAS THAT?"
Jess :) said…
Sounds like a very busy, but SUPER FUN week!!!!

I'm just SO wishing I would've been able to come for Mugs and Muffins today. :( I adore Ang to pieces and I just know that so many people were BLESSED by her speaking this morning. :) And isn't Kate just a hoot?!?! That girl cracks me up!!!

Glad you are able to relax tonight...with your chips and salsa, sister!!! ;) :)
Kimberley said…
sounds like you had a fun week! i am uber jealous of the church family/friends you have. we are in desperate need of a home church, but can't find the right one. i long for friendships you speak of. i pray it is something we can find soon.

p.s. i used our changing table on our oldest until he was 3 and a couple of months after! HA!
Marie said…
enjoy reading your blog and i am happy that SK did not get hurt.
can her table be turned into a toy holding table
Caroline said…
It was so nice to meet you this weekend. And what a fun event at your church!
Take Care!
Lauren said…
SO fun you got to meet Angie!!!!! :)
Sarah said…
Tell Rachel that I LOVE the photo all the way to the right about the mantle. It's sooo pretty! :)

Caroline said…
What a fun groups of girls.
The pizza place was by the promenade, across the street from the gas station. it was called something like Bariolas?????
Anonymous said…
Could you be any more REAL?!!! Love your blog!!!
Love your new jeans in the pic! Stylin'
(i am from Kelly's blog...kelly's sister in law teaches with one of my best friends)
Nancy said…
That's funny because I just posted about the same thing! Our little girl's are growing up extra fast!

Wish we lived close & ours could play together!
I love a girl's get together, too!! Glad you all had a fun time!
Green Girl said…
Just saw about the earthquake in AK.
Are you and your family ok?

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