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Thank you, Norman!

Yesterday Kelly and I went to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit at Crystal Bridges.  I LOVED IT!  Norman Rockwell is my favorite artist.  I love realistic art that tells a story.  I learned so many things about him that I did not know.  I would love to look at those pictures even if they were a photograph, but to think that they are paintings is just amazing!  Be paid attention to the details. As an elementary art teacher, I bought a VHS Norman Rockwell documentary for my students to watch.  Our music teacher laughed and laughed and told me that the kids would be so bored and they would not pay any attention.  I thought ,  "they will love it, Norman Rockwell is the best!"  Ha!  The music teacher was so right.  It was a teacher disaster.  The kids watched for about two minutes and they were DONE!  I was new to teaching and learned my lesson. I have loved Rockwell since I was a little girl. My mother had a Norman Rockwell Christmas book that I have worn out.  I have studi

Fun Times with Fun Friends and Family

 Kelly invited us over Saturday night to celebrate Scott's birthday!  This is right before we left.  We had the most wonderful time and we wore out our welcome......we stayed too long.  We laughed so so hard.  When I laugh really hard, I cry all my make-up off.  I left there looking like the last rose of Summer. All four girls had so much fun together.  My girls strip the second they get to the Stamps and put on dresses.  It happens everytime. Kelly could not have gotten a more perfect cake for the birthday boy! Such a sweet picture.....sweet girls! Best of friends Judy and Billy Don.  Billy Don is my mother's first cousin.  They are always so nice to be around. Kelly made the best ever enchiladas.  I am making them this week!

Enjoying Spring BREAK

My girls are off for Spring break and we are loving these days!  We have mostly been lounging around!  I LOVE it!  No real plans, no stress.  We are taking it easy.  We have slept till 7:15. That is late in this house.  SK got her hair trimmed a little yesterday.  We went to Petsmart (always an adventure).  We went to Lifeway.  I got the girls these eggs and they LOVE them.......I love them too!  It is a neat way to teach your children the story of Easter. We ate Mexican food and went bowling today with the McCoy girls.  I had a whopping score of 50 something when we bowled.  A three year old beat me.  It was a gutter ball kind of day. The rest of the week is going to be cold and rainy.  I am just happy to stay home and rest.

Oh How I MIss These Days

Five Dollar Fun

I registered Sarah Kate for Kindergarten this week.  A bittersweet day for sure. Emily had a little cold/congestion last weekend.  This weekend, she got an ear infection.  Now that their tubes are out, they seem to get lots of ear infections.  We made a trip to the pediatrician on Saturday morning. While we were waiting at the pharmacy to get the presciption filled, I spotted a Melissa and Doug sticker pad.  I knew this was right up my girl's alley.  I hardly ever buy them something for no reason, but this was too neat to pass up and it was $5.  It was a good buy!!! They have had a lot of fun with it!  Plus it does not make a mess or take up much space! So cute!  They also had some that were "make a face."  They had them for boys that were "make a pirate."

Bowling Buddies

Our Saturday afternoon our plans fell through.  (Because I am near crazy and arrived with the whole family 24 hours hours early for an event.)  So,  Steve said,  "ya'll want to go bowling?"  So, we went and had a wonderful time.  Our scores were pitiful, but we had fun.  We had never bowled as a family.  I had taken the girls wth my friend, Tracy and another time with my parents last year.  I am not good at bowling, but I have always liked it!  I have a terrible problem when I bowl because I drop the ball really hard and loud and make the whole area shake.  It is just my style.  I have gotten in trouble at bowling alleys in the past.  One day I may be paying to replace the floor in a bowling alley. I felt so funny as I was finishing my last bowl and looked up and saw Scott and Harper, then Kelly and Hollis.  I asked Steve if he had texted Scott that we were there.  He had about random.