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My Funny Honey

Children's Bibles

Fun Night!

Family Weekend in Texas

We left on Friday to go to Steve's cousin's wedding in Dallas. We had a great weekend and were also able to see some of my family in Dallas. This is my Dad's brother, Jerry and Aunt KK and Jason.

Emily and Aunt KK did some art together.
This is Steve and I before the rehearsal dinner. On the 16th Steve and I celebrated four wonderful years of marriage. I waited a LONG time to get married, but Steve was worth the wait. We have so much fun being together.
This Justin and Cissy. Cissy and Justin really entertained Emily! (Steve's brother and his wife)

The girls before the wedding.
Our family picture before leaving for the wedding. I don't have any wedding pictures because we left our camera in the car and it was valet parking and we could not get to it.

Four Months of Fun

Nursery Tour

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Baby Sister