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She's Waited a Long Time

It has nearly been a year since Emily cut her hair. It is finally to the stage that she can have pigtails again. She is oh so proud of them. She looks in the mirror all the time. In the top picture she was saying,"ruff ruff." She was pretending to be a dog with her dog ears. As she always says,"my hair is really growing up!" I also painted her nails for the first time. She shows everyone she meets.

Just Some Pics for the Grandparents

Valentine's Day

How We Met

I said several months ago that I would tell the story about how Steve and I met. I have saved it until this weekend, because I am thinking about all the single girls out there and what Valentine's Day can feel like. I hope this story will bring you hope and encouragement. I graduated from college when I was 22 years old and moved to Fayetteville, Ar to teach art in a nearby town. I had lots of blind dates, a few dates and a couple of serious relationships. BUT......I knew I had never found "the one" and this had me longing to find him or should I say for him to find me! I prayed for my husband most everyday. I prayed for what he was doing, his work, his commitment to Christ, etc. Around 26 or 27, I had this feeling that my husband was going to be someone who moved here from out of town. I don't know that this was some deeply spiritual revelation or just the fact that I was not meeting Mr Right and had no desire to move anywhere else. I KNEW God was big enough

A Wonderful Weekend Away

I went to Little Rock this weekend to visit wonderful friends. I stayed with Kelly and Eric. I have known Kelly since I was 2 years old. When I was single, I used to visit them all the time. Now that I have kids, it is hard to get way and see them. It brought back a lot of good memories to travel to Little Rock on Saturday. I feel so at home with Kelly and Eric. Kelly is a great hostess!!!!!!!!! This is their daughter Lauren with the two dogs. Kelly and Eric have some fancy taste. They are both gourmet cooks. When I visit Kelly it is a bit like country mouse going to visit city mouse. I wanted to show you in a couple of pictures what I mean: This is Kelly's honey. (fancy) Check out the tea set. She served me red tea. I had never heard of such. This is my honey.(common) This is Kelly's cheese. Kelly asked me if I wanted cheese on my asparagus. This is what she did, grated real parmesan cheese. This would be my parmesan. They cooked scallops on a salt plate. Th

Party and Play

Kelly and little Harps.......All decked out in Valentine attire. Erin and Kinley SK spotted a goldfish Sinking her teeth in...YUMMY Emily dancing Emily dancing some more. I LOVE the outfit! Sweet Neely came to play yesterday. SK being still for about 10 seconds

Four Pictures I Love

This is how I found Sarah Kate in her bed a couple of hours after she had gone night night. Those are her zip up p.j.s next to her. Was she hot? Just looking for something to do? I don't know. I put them back on and she never even woke up. Emily was looking out through her cage and wondered why I was taking Sarah Kate's picture. She wanted a picture made of her in the bed. The next picture is what Emily did with her Lunchable the other day. She said it was a "cheese lady wearing a hat." I had to include a picture of Steve and the girls loving the snow. Emily calls it "playing WITH the snow."