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Here and There

Emily looks so happy because she had just eaten a Cadbury egg. YUM! She is not one for food, but she can down a Cadbury egg. Friday we enjoyed playing outside and visiting with neighbors in the bright and beautiful sun. The temperature was in the upper 60s. In less than 24 hours, it was snowing what looked like cotton balls from the sky. We are still on a search for Diamond the cat. I have a couple of potentials from the shelter. I am waiting on the right cat! I think I am looking for a marking of a diamond on the cat or one who is already named Diamond. God is good and big and he can make that happen! Emily left Petsmart in tears this morning because I did not get her a cat. A lot of times when I am out running errands on the weekend, Steve will call and ask me to get him a Starbucks coffee. We both LOVE that place. I have never had anything from there that is not good. BUT................have you ever noticed that Starbucks smells slightly like a skunk? I like the smell

I am Thankful and Maybe Crazy!

My girls have slept really well for the past several nights. I am so thankful!!! Thank you to those of you who have prayed for us and given me words of wisdom. I have not done ANYTHING different to get them to sleep. I just say it is answered prayer. I also took Sarah Kate's bottle away last week. It has been a very easy transition. She loved her bottle, but she is also 20 months old. TOO OLD for a bottle. I just put them in a cabinet and told her she was a big girl. I would give her milk in a sippy cup and she would say,"I wanna bottle!" She fussed a little the first few days, but I think she is over her precious bottle now. Also, my girls are both absolutely terrified of Kristen. They act as if she is a grizzly bear or tiger. I WANT my girls to have a pet they can love and enjoy. Emily has been asking for several months for a new, nice cat. I broke down a few weeks ago and said,"we will get you a cat." She jumped and yelled and screamed," I

Can't Get Any ZZZZZ's

Our house never sleeps. If Sarah Kate is not up, it is Emily. Some nights it is both girls at the same time. Steve and I have nearly had it!!!!!! Every Monday night, SK wakes up around 1:00 am and cries until 4:15 0r later. I feel terrible every Tuesday. Steve feels terrible every Tuesday. I don't know the answer. But, I think maybe she is just over-tired. She goes to bed at 7:00 every night. She has a short nap on Mondays because I have to pick Emily up at school. I put her down for a nap an hour earlier on Mondays, but she falls asleep at her normal time. When SK wakes up ,it is for at least 2 hours. She cries and babbles and talks the whole time. Emily has night terrors every once in a while and she NEVER sleeps through the night if she misses her nap. They are asleep right now. I probably need to be sleeping myself.