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Four Thoughts for Today

Four items for today: 1.  I am very very interested in the goings on of the robins and their eggs in my bathroom window.  I have been reading about them online.  We now have fours beautiful eggs.  A mother lays one eggs everyday for three to five days.  The daddy bird stays with the mama and helps with the babies.  The eggs will hatch in about 14 days from when the first egg was laid.  I new baby will be born each day.  I am excited to see this!  I have been trying to analyze my bird fear.  I am scared of their eyes, their feathers and the fact that they flutter around and you never know where they may land.  I am being very brave with our house guest.  I know that there is glass in between. I am trying to be mature. 2.  Thank you for the birthday wishes on mine and Kelly's blog.  I still can't get over my wonderful party!!!!! 3.  Thank you for the input about my little toe walker.  Some of you that I wanted to respond to, have a private blog.  But I love knowing that w

Best Gift EVER!!!!!!!

The Surprise of my life!  That is what yesterday was for me!  Kelly threw me a 40th surprise birthday party.  She really got me!  She had told me that she was inviting two of our friends over for a birthday lunch.  We are the same ones that always get together for birthdays.  She really threw me off on Monday when she texted and told me that she had also invited my friend, Tracy.  I just thought I was going for a party of four. Steve had asked me on Sunday if I was sad that there was not going to be any 40th party for me.  I told him no, "just acknowledge my birthday and let me eat shrimp" As I walked into Kelly's house, all I could do was laugh.  She had a huge spread and decor on her dining table. I KNEW that that was not just for 5 girls.  I walked into her kitchen and was greeted with "surprise" and most all of my best friends.  I was just blown away!!!!!!! It took me a while to see everyone there.  I yelled ou

Pete the Cat and the Chawed Mama

A couple of weeks ago Emily's class performed a book book/song called Pete the Cat.  It was darling.  Emily had some speaking lines and she did PERFECT!  We had watched the author perform the song on Youtube and they just ate it up!!!!  It is REALLY CUTE!!!! The author of the book came to our town yesterday and did a little concert.  The guy is named Eric Litwin.   Let me preface this by saying-  I think I am a fun person.  I like funny people.  I LOVE to laugh.  I see the funny in stuff. BUT......I HATE AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is not fun or funny to me. I knew about 5 seconds into his concert that this was a hands on, audience participation kinda thing.  I have NEVER liked anything where you have to get a partner, do hand motions, body motions to anything, EVER!  WELL....................  Mr. Eric called on a guy to answer a question in a real dramatic way, and then he gave the guy a hard time.  WHO DO YOU THINK THE SECOND PERSON HE CALLED ON T

Pes Equinus

 Pes Equinus,  that is the medical term for a toe walker.  I am doing this post as a way to get help.  If you are a toe walker, have a toe walker, know a toe walker or work with toe walkers,  I want your thoughts.  Your experience with any of what I am writing about:  orthodics, casts, night splints.  Sarah Kate has seen several pediatricians about her toe walking.  She will turn 4 on June 14th.  She is able to put her feet down, but they go right back up.  She does not present with clonus.  We took her a few weeks ago to a pediatric orthopedist in Tulsa.  He said that her toe walking is not neurological.  He suggested physical therapy if we wanted and then he wanted to evaluate her in a year.  This Dr. wants to do casts for six weeks if she is still a toe walker next Feb.  He also said her best fix would be to do a recession at age 7 or 8.  WE DON"T WANT HER TO HAVE SURGERY.  We are trying to avoid that.  We have also heard that orthodics can cause problems in the long run. 

The Bird Hotel

 Do you see what I see?  If you have read my blog for a while, you know that I am scared of birds!  They are my phobia.  BUT,  birds LOVE our house!!!!!  This is the third bird to make it's home at ours!  This one has lit in our bathroom window.  Yes, it makes me nervous.  Yes, Kristen the cat is going nuts.  But, I can't destroy this mama bird's nest and eggs.   This is so beautiful! Welcome Spring!

Ray of Sun in the Rain

We are having a very rainy Spring Break.  Oh well......I am just happy to have some nights that we can stay up late and sleep in the next day! I have been so excited about some of my very best friends from Little Rock coming to visit.  Kelly and I grew up together and have been very close friends since we were two.  They are always a lot of fun!  They always make little things fun and interesting.  I took them to some of my favorite junk stores.  They collect old post cards from places that have lived or visited.  They found some at the Rusty Chair.  Kelly bought at wreath at my favorite shop:  True Treasures. My girls LOVED Lauren being here. Sarah Kate wanted to sleep in the bed with the two older girls last night.  That went well until 1:30 a.m. when SK fell out of the bed.  Then both girls got leg aches.  Poor Lauren did not get much sleep at all.  Neither did I. Last night I made one of our favorite dishes- Frogmore Stew.  It is just shrimp, potatoes, sausage and corn b

Vintage Hymnal Wreath

 I found this old hymnal wreath at a shop last week.  I thought about it for a day and decided to go back and get it on Saturday.  I thought it was a very clever idea.  It only cost $10.  

The Birthday Baby!

On Saturday, we celebrated Hollis' first birthday!  We had a really good time!  Hollis is such a sweet sweet baby!  We love her so much!  The girls did not want to leave.  It is almost impossible to get all the girls looking in the same direction and smiling.  These were about as good as I could get!

The Flying Fish

I have a new favorite restaurant.  It is the Flying Fish! A couple of weeks ago Steve and I decided to meet there for lunch.  I gotten there first and there was a sign on the door that said,  "We will hopefully open at 5:00 today."  I was so disappointed. We had heard that they were opening that week, but we did not know exactly when .  They had looked open when I had driven by earlier in the week.  I stood outside the place looking all sad and forlorned.  I saw a few sophisticated people walk right in.  I was thinking, "well are they opened or not?"  About that time a really nice manager looking man came outside to me and said,  " We have invited a few people to come try us out today, but we will let you eat too if you want."  I was super chawed and did not know what to say.  He said, "come on,  it's fine.  It is complimentary!  All we want is your opinion."  I called Steve figuring he would say no way.  Steve said, " yes,  go on in.

A Great Week

 We have had a very busy week, but also a really good week.  Yesterday, I took Emily to a birthday party for her beautiful friend, Summer.  I had planned to just drop Emily and her friend Sarah Grace off and go home, but I ended up staying.  I stayed because Sarah Kate was having the time of her life and also because I was afraid my girls might break their arms, legs or neck on the trampoline.    Emily had several friends at the party that she loves. Here is Alex.  Korbyn  Sarah Grace  Summer the birthday girl!  The girls had a really good time.  Our back yard is fenced in and has nearly nothing in it.  We have one tree about the thickness of my big thumb and a slide made for a one year old.  The girls did not know what to do with the fun and freedom of this yard!  I can't get enough of the beautiful trees that are budding here.  Sarah Kate went to the dentist.  She was such a good girl! Emily had a school program on Monday and she did a fantastic job