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Four Thoughts for Today

Four items for today:

1.  I am very very interested in the goings on of the robins and their eggs in my bathroom window.  I have been reading about them online.  We now have fours beautiful eggs.  A mother lays one eggs everyday for three to five days.  The daddy bird stays with the mama and helps with the babies.  The eggs will hatch in about 14 days from when the first egg was laid.  I new baby will be born each day.  I am excited to see this!  I have been trying to analyze my bird fear.  I am scared of their eyes, their feathers and the fact that they flutter around and you never know where they may land.  I am being very brave with our house guest.  I know that there is glass in between. I am trying to be mature.

2.  Thank you for the birthday wishes on mine and Kelly's blog.  I still can't get over my wonderful party!!!!!

3.  Thank you for the input about my little toe walker.  Some of you that I wanted to respond to, have a private blog.  But I love knowing that we are not alone in this.

4.  Someone left a comment last week saying I was the "kiss of death on foods"  AMEN!!!!!!!!!!  Here are two recent examples for you:
Last Summer I found "Margaret Holmes" brand canned vegetables at our local Walmart.  I have gone nuts over her squash.  It is so good and tastes like fresh squash and sweet onions.  I have told friends about it and they have liked it.  You know what I am going to say!  Yes......... NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  Of course....of course!! 
Last night Steve told me that he was gonna to get my birthday cake from Sam's.  A couple of years ago, I discovered in their bakery a WONDERFUL, layered chocolate cake with tons of rich icing.  Steve called last night from Sam's and said he could not find it.  He said he would ask someone.  A few minutes later he called back and told me he had really bad news.  YES......they told him they no longer make that cake.  I threw a hissy fit and said,   "Tell her of course they DON"T!!!!  Because it was the best cake they have ever had and I LOVED it!!!!!!!"
Please don't tell me about a food or item that you like!  If I go crazy over it and brag about it, it will be gone forever-off the shelf, off the menu!!!!!!
I told Steve to just forget the cake.  The ones Kelly had for me were FABULOUS. Last night I was in the kitchen and just started eating the cakes out of the box, even using my fingers.  My cuticles looked like a mechanic's because of all the black icing.

Hope your weekend is a good one!


Laurin said…
I have an irrational bird fear, too. It's something about the way their little eyes can follow you, even while their head moves almost 360 degrees. And their little legs and feet.... Ugh! Gives me the creeps!

The company that makes Margaret Holmes canned goods is a big, big client of mine. In fact, the CEO just called me a few minutes ago! I'll be sure to inquire about your squash!

Happy Weekend!
Julie said…
Hope your birthday is Great!!! My mom was also born on April Fool's Day.

I don't remember commenting before but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You are so funny and I love your stories. I also have an Emily and she is a mess. You have a beautiful family.
Kim said…
I'm very surprised and proud of you for following the bird story unfolding in your window! How sweet will it be to see momma and daddy bird feeding their babies! God's perfect handy work right in your window!
Tiffany said…
I live in SC and are shelves are filled with Margaret Holmes cans and the different varieties always look so good. I've never tried them, but I keep meaning to. I'm from Bentonville and headed there tomorrow. Should I load up my van with squash?
Tiffany said…
Oh my goodness, I just noticed that pitiful typo on my post!
Tara G. said…
I love it that you ate cake with your fingers!! :) Happy Birthday!
Kwilson said…
My family loves tellings (sort of fast food Italian restaurant). I am not a fan but there were a few things I could eat there and of course they changed them.
1. Chicken tetrazini - replaced the delicious cream sauce with some bland thin sauce that soaks I have the noodles so fast I thought they had left the sauce off
2. Pasta salad changed little noodles to big fat noodles
3. Grilled chicken panini changed from real grilled chicken to some sliced deli no taste crap.
Kwilson said…
My family loves tellings (sort of fast food Italian restaurant). I am not a fan but there were a few things I could eat there and of course they changed them.
1. Chicken tetrazini - replaced the delicious cream sauce with some bland thin sauce that soaks I have the noodles so fast I thought they had left the sauce off
2. Pasta salad changed little noodles to big fat noodles
3. Grilled chicken panini changed from real grilled chicken to some sliced deli no taste crap.
Is there any other way to eat cake?? HAHAHHAHAHA
dayna said…
Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a good one. Your blog is so funny, I love it and your girls are adoreable.
Angie said…
A couple years ago I had tried some Strawberry Cheesecake Pecan Sandies. OMG they were good! I went back a few weeks later for some more and go figure, they no longer made them. I was so upset!!!!
A.K.W. said…
Your cake story reminds of Matilda with the boy named Brucey eating all of that chocolate cake with his chubby hands!

We plant a lot of vegetables, haven't bought canned veggies in a long time, if we do buy veggies they're mostly fresh ones or frozen ones or in glass jars.

You are also the kiss of death to restaurants. Remember Belvedeere's? Hope Flying Fish doesn't close.
Dana said…
We had this same situation with the bird nest & eggs last spring. I was so excited for the birds to hatch...but when they did it was awful. Like you, I tried to be mature but it was disgusting. Just wait a few days & you will see what I mean. We didn't get to see the baby birds leave the nest because the very day that the last egg hatched was the last we saw of it. The next morning the whole thing was gone! Not a twig, not a feather or an egg shell was left:( My husband thinks some creature took the whole thing! Overall it was a bad experience for me & my little girl Lol.
Green Girl said…
Happy birthday laurie!!! 40 never looked so good!!
The Belt's said…
South Arkansas still has the Margaret Holmes canned goods. You might look for them the next time you come this way! Happy Birthday!
Emily said…
I think you can order the Margaret Holmes squash with vidalia onions online at It's by the case (12 cans), but then at least you'd have a lot on hand!
Melissa said…
so...not a comment on your birds...but...


i love, love, love that you have been celebrated all week!
Natasha said…
I wanted to leave you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your actual birthday and, according to my time zone, I missed it by about 25 minutes. I hope you had a great day!
Kimberley said…
those little eggs are so eastery :)
i hope you had a wonderful birthday. i saw you at old navy yesterday. i didn't want to be the girl that came up to you and said, "i read your blog" ha! so instead i smiled and said it to myself :)
Our Walmart still has the squash. It's yummy!!! If the Bville Walmart doesn't carry it, check Dollar General. The DG in Bryant carries all the Margaret Holmes veggies and I bet most of them do!!!
Laurin said…
Okay, I asked the CEO about your squash - he said to talk to your local store, that they place an order based on demand and that they *should* be able to order it for you! If not, let me know. I may be able to ship you some!

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