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Something Good to Eat

Ever since Steve and I started dating, when we would go to Mississippi, his aunt would make the BEST ROAST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve's Dad's side of the family gets together at his Granny's house for lunch every Sunday after church. The food is always sooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always taken a liking to his Aunt Judy's roast. It really is the best roast I have ever had.
When we were there on Labor Day weekend, my sister in law asked Aunt Judy for the recipe. Aunt Judy began naming all the ingredients. She said Ranch Dressing mix, and I bugged my eyes out and nearly chocked. I HATE RANCH DRESSING. I don't even like to be in the room with it. I had to focus on the word MIX....not the mayo and butter milk and sour cream that you add to it. Just typing those words makes me shudder.
The recipe sounded awful as she rattled off the ingredients, but I promise, you have got to make this if you like a good roast. Trust me on this.

Here it is:

Get a tender chuck pot roast and place it in a crock pot on low.
Add one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix. Sprinkle it over the roast.
Add one packet of McCormick Aux jus gravy mix or she said brown gravy mix will do. Sprinkle that packet over the roast as well.
Then, place a stick of butter on top of the roast.
Put 4 or 5 peperoncini peppers on top of the roast. These are the peppers that you see on salad bars. They come in a jar. Let the roast cook at least 8 hours. I usually cook it over night. Do not add water!!!
OHHH it is soooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My whole family loves it. In fact, I could just get in the crock pot with it!

Now that being said, Kelly and I were talking in the Bahamas about our favorite foods, meals and things like that. I said that my favorite dessert was at a place called Belvedere's in Fayetteville, Ar. My favorite coffee drink was a Chocolate Avalanche from Gloria Jean's coffee. My favorite steak was from Coy's in Little Rock, Ar. Now.......what do all these places have in common??????
They are all out of business.
I am the kiss of death to restaurants. If you have a restaurant and I LOVE it, it will go out of business. Beware, you don't want me going crazy over your restaurant.


Kelly said…
You are so crazy!

And i have been thinking about that roast so I'm glad you posted so I can try it out soon! Although I still think the recipe sounds awful. ha!
Mallory said…
I love that you said you could get into the crockpot with it. Sounds risky, but I think we should try it!!
Kimberley said…
if you're willing to get into a crock pot, i am willing to try! will let you know!
Miss V said…
Hahahha isn't that funny, when you hear the actual ingredients of your favorite meal, like my mothers famous spaghetti is made with JAR sauce.. break my heart! Will definitely try this recipe though! All of my favorite restaurants are far away so I feel your pain on not being able to eat your favorite dishes!!
The recipe sounds horrid but I bet it's amazing! What's with the whole stick of butter? Yikes. I bet it makes it so good though, go figure!
Tara G. said…
SO mad I put my crock pot in storage in CA- grr! I love crock pot recipes!! I'm coming back to copy this down and see if I can't adapt it to life here! :)
Erica said…
That roast sounds so good! Do you put whole peppers on top or sliced peppers?
Nancy said…
I'm going to try this - because a while back I had tried one that called for the whole jar of peppers & juice - it was so hot our lips tingled for days. But it was good on toasted hoagie roll with pepper jack cheese, too. That might be another reason for the heat!!
The Ormons said…
Trust Laurie, this is a great recipe. Sometimes they even use some of the juice out of the jar from the peppers. It is a GREAT roast. Laurie, I will be on the look out at Granny's next Sunday for some other good recipes we can add.
emily said…
totally cracked up at your comment about getting in the crock pot! you're so funny. :)

i'm glad there are other picky eaters like me out there!
Cyndi said…
You have cracked me up. We make that same roast a lot for work suppers. It's super easy and not a lot of work. I don't like mayo and all that other stuff either, so the mix works well. Have a great week.
Katie said…
So good to see you today, Laurie! I'm glad I got to sit by you in the back. ; )

Thanks for keeping an eye on Colson for me!
Yoli said…
Yum! Can't wait to try this roast! My hubby is soooo tired of regular roast. But no water? Guess the juice of the roast takes care of the moisture.
Mrs. V said…
A stick of butter? oh my! Well, I'll still have to try it if you say it's good! I love making roast in the crock pot! And that is so funny about the restaurants! lol!
Karen said…
You are sooo funny....getting in the crock pot with it and don't let you go crazy over someone's restaurant.

thanks for sharing the recipe, maybe I'll try it out soon. Love me some crock pot roast.
Cari B said…
do you/can you put potatoes and carrots in it too?
Ashley E. said…
The recipe does sound a little odd, but I'm going to try it!!!
Mrs. Jenk said…
I have your roast in the crock pot right now- it smells amazing!
Tina said…
Tried and it we loved it! So simple and sooo good, just like you said.
Dana said…
I make a roast similar to this, but your recipe has converted me! I had to use a packet of onion gravy mix instead of the brown gravy/au jus mix since I was out, but I followed everything else per your recipe! My original recipe didn't call for butter, and used an italian dressing packet instead of the ranch. We toast Subway bread and make sandwiches. This was the best-I think the butter sent it over the top.. Yum!
Shannon said…
I made your roast today. The seasoning was a little strong. Perhaps, I need a larger roast. Although, it was very good. I will make it again.

I also love your blog. You have a great sense of humor, and you make me smile often. Thank you. I also enjoy reading about your family. Cute girls. I also appreciate your prayers and support of single ladies. I am almost 35 and single, but would very much like to have a family of my own.
GreenGirl said…
Roast is in crockpot now and house smells amazing. Glad I work from home!
Found you via Pinterest, you are too cute, love your writing style.
i'm dying laughing about the kiss of death
but sadly that is so me when it comes to stuff i like in a grocery store..the min i fall in love they stop making it!

new follower!! :o)
HAHAHA I just looked at the date of this post i'm commenting on...wowza! i clicked on this from a link from another blog

too funny!
I started following you years ago--came over from Kelly's Korner, and I made the when you first posted it back in 2010. I had no idea you were trending or famous!! CONGRATS!!!!!
Kathy Olson said…
Congratulations on your fame!
I am making this roast this weekend. I'm so curious about it now.
I laughed about the kiss of death of restaurants. You are hilarious.
Bless you, Laurie, and I am tickled pink that the NY Times came to your house.
Sonja Jaggers said…
What size of chuck roast? This sounds divine! Thanks!

Angie said…
Congratulations on the newfound fame, and I just have to add...if you need a Gloria Jean's fix, you can come visit the Volusia Mall in Daytona Beach, FL--still in business over here. :-)
Aja said…
Oh my word! That was my first thought too! Volusia County native over here! (Live in DeLand)
Lynn D said…
I have the roast in my crock pot now. My husband is quite surprised that I am making it. I get a huge case of the shivers at the mention of Ranch dressing. I want to thank you for sharing that you feel, basically, the same way. I was able to say to my Mother that I am NOT the only person on the planet who doesn't like it.
Valerie said…
How many pounds roast do you use for that amount of seasonings? Thanks
The Combs 5 said…
This is my hubbys new fave roast!! Thanks :)
Ryan Goodwin said…
Love this recipe. I don't use the exact recipe anymore. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of ingredients that come in pouches. But I still follow the general pattern. I've tried a bunch of variations over the years now, even twisting it into more of a curry actually, which you can find here if you're interested. At any rate, just wanted to say thanks.
Holly Mischnick said…
We made this on Sunday and had plenty for leftovers so I put them in the fridge. The butter fat that had congealed on top when I took it out the next evening was crazy though!
I really did enjoy the taste with the peppers, but I will stick to a similar recipe that doesn't use the stick of butter. If you are interested, here it is:
2-3 pound roast
1 packet Ranch mix
1 packet Italian Dressing mix
1 packet brown gravy mix
2/3 C. water
Crock pot on low 6-8 hours
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