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An Evening with Stars

Last night I went to see my best friend, Kelly dance in the NWA Dancing With the Stars. I had a REALLY good time. I feel like Steve and I have become an old married couple. We do a lot of take-out on the weekend and then we usually go to bed really early. I loved the opportunity to get dressed up and go to an event.
Kelly did a fantastic job and she looked beautiful. I got to sit with some of my favorite people in the world!
Melissa, Julie, Jill and Jennifer. These girls are a lot of fun. I have met them through Kelly.
Amber, Kelly and Amanda. I go to church with these three and they lift my spirit every time I am around them. I LOVE these girls!
The star with Shannon. She is sooooo sweet and I met her through Hillary.

One of my very best friends, Hillary. I was just delighted that she was our house guest this weekend. We had a great time being together. Hillary is soooo funny. I LOVE funny!
I am beyond thrilled that both these girls are having babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am delighted that both are having girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I think about this I smile!

On another note.........................................................

Two items:
The Sea Monkeys passed. I think I killed them. I THINK I over-fed them. I don't know. I noticed on Friday morning that they were all dead. I had to make a special run to Walmart to get some more. This batch of monkeys are doing well. Emily never knew.

I am TERRIFIED of birds. I have always wondered what I would do if a bird flew in my hair or something like that. I always imagine myself having a seizure.
As I was taking Emily to dance this week, we cut through a hedge lining a parking lot. When we got smack dab in the middle of that hedge, birds began flying out of it. A bird flew right in front of my face. I could feel the air from it's fluttering wings. I did better than I thought I would do. My heart stopped for just a beat or two and I went numb. But, I got over it pretty quickly.


Hillary said…
I had so much fun with you this weekend!!! Can't wait to do it again!
Ashley said…
I laughed out loud about the poor sea monkeys! At least Emily never knew...that could have been tramatic!
Jess :) said…
Y'all looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! :) I so wish I could've been there. I checked on ticket prices and they were around $600, so I told Melissa that I'd rather spend that if I could stay LONGER. :( I was super bummed, but am so glad you all took TONS of pictures!!!

Again, you looked STUNNING!

P.S. The sea monkey story had me laughing, just a little, as well. Not laughing at you...but at the whole situation. SO thankful E never found out.
Lauren said…
SO fun!!! All of y'all looked beautiful!!!!!:)
Katie said…
So glad ya'll had a fun night. You look beautiful!
Brian and Sarah said…
I don't think I've ever commented before, but oh my goodness, your bird story made me shudder. I am SO afraid of birds, and our 23 mos old daugher will say "birds, yucky, aghh!" when she sees them because I have never let her touch one or get close to them (always said they were yucky). I have the same fear of squirrels...the thought of one running up my leg just sends me over the edge!
We should start being NWA socialites and going to events! :-)
I did have a really fun time and you looked SO, SO, SO pretty!!!!
Laurie, please share where you got your gorgeous necklace! All of you ladies looked great, btw. I know what you mean being in a mommy-mode. Glad you all had a great time!
Holly said…
I absolutely adore your blog!! You are hilarious and your kiddos are precious!!! Also, all you ladies look beautiful!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

Holly N. Madugula
Arlington, TX
Jennifer said…
We thought about you this morning leaving church. We were walking to the car and a huge flock of birds flew over us in the parking lot and Jill took off running. My dad told her that they get her poof confused with a birds nest and that's why they come near her.Ha!!

Had SOOOO much fun with you last night!
Ashley E. said…
I'm terrified of bird's too!!! When I was little I had one fly right into my face! Scarred for life. :( Y'all all look beautiful!!!
Jill said…
You make me laugh so hard. I have a fear of a bird pooping on my head. If I see/hear a bird flying above me - I take cover!

You girls look gorgeous! I like to have an excuse to get dressed up and go's a rare occasion these days, but I always enjoy it. :)
Tara G. said…
I had a nasty pigeon fly over my head at the metro and its wing touched my hair. I felt like I had bugs all day long after that. And have you been to St. Michael's Square in Venice? People love to have those birds all over them for photos- GROSS.
Amy said…
You all look great! I've always been afraid a bird will get stuck in my hair and flap around and won't be able to get out. Thanks for including the bird story in your post!
Alisha Harris said…
Ok, so I usually read your blog everyday at work but have been off, and am a few days late BUT the whole bird thing made me just die laughing, I can just picture it all in my head... glad to hear you survived so I can keep reading your funny posts!!!
Anonymous said…
the bird thing definitely made me laugh!!!! you're a hoot.
Anonymous said…
oh and all my friends looked super pretty at the 'dance recital' :)

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