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Trick or Treat!

The Dermabond has come off SK's eye. I think her scar looks pretty good!

Our church did a Fall Fest on Sunday night. We had a great time! I took this picture right before we left the house.
Here is Sarah Kate and her buddy, Wells.
Sooooooo proud to ride a horse!
Another proud princess.
Fun games with lots of candy.
Cute kids! I loved these costumes!
Another good friend, John Michael.
Kelly and her precious little ladybug!
Jackson and Parker
Two girls that were ready to go home!
I can't seem to stay out of the Halloween candy! YIKES!


Kelly said…
Oh your girls looked so cute! It was fun seeing everyone last night!!!
Miranda said…
It looks like they had a GREAT time!!! :-) Your girls are so pretty!
Jamie said…
Your little girls are so cute! It looks like they had a really fun time!
His Doorkeeper said…
Loved all your pictures of your two sweet girls! That last pic of Sarah Kate is precious!
The Ormons said…
Loved the pictures.. wish we were together to trick or treat.. have a good week
Miss V said…
Precious Princesses! Your girls are so cute love all the festive outfits! I'm your newest follower can't wait to read more!!
Tara G. said…
Loved the tuckered out princesses with their daddy! I like the Reese's PB candies- so fattening. Thankfully, we only received a little candy corn over here so my hips are safe this time around! :)
Lauren said…
Sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! :)
Ashley said…
Hi Laurie! I just love reading your blog! Your girls are just adorable! ;)
Nancy said…
Cute pic's! Happy Fall!
Such pretty girls!!
Lynn said…
Emily & Sarah Kate are just adorable as can be!! Love SK's Halloween dress (last pic)! Looks like they had a great time at the festival! Thanks for sharing, Laurie!

God bless!
Christy said…
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