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Putting it All in Perspective

Every night when I know the girls are good and asleep, I go in their rooms and look at them. It is just a part of my nightly routine. Sarah Kate made this little pillow,"............God's Word is Comforting" at Bible School this Summer. She sleeps with it every night.

Hello November!
Seems crazy that it is already November!
I have been posting about our crazy October. What a wacky month that seems for our family. I am glad November is here. But, we have not had any events that are life-changing or terrible. We just had things that threw a kink in our month.
Last Wednesday, I purchased a new car seat for Emily to have in Steve's car. I took it to the local police station to have it installed. ( I feel like that they know the best and safest way to install them!) I had to WAIT and WAIT and then WAIT some more for an officer to install the car seat. I know the Lord wanted me to wait so HE could show me some things.
The lady at the front desk was so very kind and friendly. An older couple came in as I sat and told the lady at the desk that their son had committed suicide last week and they were there to get the suicide note that the officer on the scene had gotten from his house. The lady at the desk was so compassionate towards them. I felt so sorry for this couple. I could not imagine the sadness and emotions they were dealing with.
A few minutes later a lady came in that knew the lady at the front desk. She asked how her week was going and the lady replied, " I have had the worst week of my life." She went on to say that over the weekend, her mom died. She explained that the next day, her Dad had fallen and broken his hip. And, to top it off she had taken her dog to the vet that morning to be "put down." But......she seemed so nice and kind. WOW!
I learned very quickly that my month had been NOTHING compared to these people. I have MUCH to be thankful for.
What is God showing you in your waiting?


Lauren said…
Thank you so much for that reminder ... if we just sit still and listen I bet God would tell us alot more!!
Tara G. said…
Life gets very lonely over here- although we military wives do get together, we are busy just trying to keep our homes running smoothly. For me, my family and friends have an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality and it's hurtful- so the Lord has been challenging me to bring all my hurts to Him and believe He'll meet those relational needs. He's faithful!
Susanne said…
I am the worst at waiting. Thank you for this thought to ponder next time I am feeling impatient. I look forward to seeing the lesson to be learned. Happy November!
Nancy said…
This is a great post...we all need to hear stories like that. No matter what we go thru, God gets us through & right where we need to be.
I had an off October, too. Praying for a good November!
Michelle said…
Oh, Laurie, this post really struck me today. I'm excited to share what God has shown me this week!

These past two weeks have had me so stressed that I couldn't sleep, and my appetite has been zilch. I was beginning to avoid social events, and phone conversations with friends - I was in a serious funk, no doubt. I felt I was losing control of my life ... so I began to pray about it. A lot.

This past Sunday I was beginning to feel physically sick, but this did not stop me from joining my family at Mass. While there, I quietly prayed that I am letting go of the things that were bothering me. I asked Him to help me see the road I'm supposed to follow, and to guide me every step of the way. I felt conquered, helpless.

Long story short, I can honestly say this past week has been an answered prayer. The problems I was fretting over were resolved in the best way imaginable, and my spirits have been lifted. I'm back! ;) Isn't it wonderful knowing we can trust Him in every phase of our lives??? I LOVE knowing I'm NOT the one in control!!!

Oh, and I totally get the whole "watching your kiddos sleep" thing - I'm the same way ... to my 9, 14, and 16 year old - ha!
Isn't it amazing how God uses little moments like that to open our eyes and hearts. Thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
God is good to show us so many sad but touching moments like that. Recently my husband lost a good friend that he served with in Iraq. It has been hard since I knew him, his wife, and their daughter. We just got orders for an assignment out of the country. As much as I wasn't happy about leaving family, friends, and whats familiar I am counting my blessings. I am thanking God that my husband is home safe with us and not deployed. I am also thanking him that even though I don't really want to leave the country I will be with my husband and he will not be deployed! God is good all the time! Have a blessed weekend.
leslie_argirl said…
Hi Laurie - I've never commented, but I read your blog all the time! You are hilarious, and your writing is great! Your kids are precious! Thanks so much for this post - I needed it! Such a blessing! Keep 'em coming!
I love this post, Laurie. We've been in a period of waiting...still are, but the biggest thing I've learned is that it ISN'T about me. That everyday is about bringing glory and honor to our Heavenly Father.
Ashley E. said…
What a great post! Love the sweet sleeping pics!
Mandy Greene said…
Thank you for this today Laurie! Your post made me realize that I am overwhelmed with blessings not stresses and how lucky I am. I am going to enjoy while my children nap but I am going to rejoice when they wake up. Life is to short, just what I needed to hear! Thanks again
Leigh Ann said…
I'm catching up with you, Laurie! The girls are just so beautiful. Loving their long hair!!! Loved their Halloween costumes, too. I completely agree with your post. All you have to do is look around you, and you can gain an entire new perspective with God's help. Happens to me ALL THE TIME!
Lauren said…
Amazing how we need to hear things like this to put thingsin perspective, huh???
Missy Schranz said…
I stumbled upon your blog from Kelly's Korner and really enjoyed it. Your girls are absolutely adorable.! When you have a moment, please stop by my blog. I'd love the company!

Ashley said…
Thank you so much for writing this post! I definitely need to be reminded to be quiet and listen for Him! I enjoy reading your blog very much!
Ryan V. said…
Wow! I needed to hear a story like that. I am not very good at waiting, but now I will try harder and see what God is teaching me. Thanks for the reminder!

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