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Tattoo Toes

Sunday afternoon one of my best friends, Hillary came over. Hillary has a little flower tattoo on her toe. Emily was really interested in the tattoo. After Hillary had been gone several hours, Emily began talking about the flower tattoo and that she wanted one. I told E that maybe we could find her a tattoo sometime and that seemed to satisfy her. A few minutes later Emily did her little "I be right back." She came back a few minutes later proudly wearing her own flower tattoo on her toe. She was so proud and insisted that I get one too. I think she did pretty good, notice the stem. Sarah Kate is doing good. She is hungry ALL the time. She weighed 8 lbs 1 oz, so she is a big girl. We are sure enjoying her. Emily is crazy about her. She is a wonderful big sister.

Thank You

While making the Sarah Kate birth slide show, we reviewed all of our pictures taken this year. We realized very quickly how thankful we are that Jesus has allowed us to enjoy so many blessings in such a short time.

She's here!

I am going to let Steve post some pictures and write some things. We just got home from the hospital and I AM SO tired! Emily is a proud big sister. She is loving being helpful. I am off to take a little snooze.................

And Waiting...........

I went to the Dr yesterday. My body is ready! The baby just does not want to come. We are all soooooooooooo anxious to meet her. I keep thinking, "this is the day!', but go to bed disappointed. Yesterday I went to a baby store and saw a shirt that said, "OH LORD, PLEASE DELIVER ME!" I wanted to buy it, but I figured it would be a waste of money at this point. I will be induced Monday morning at 6:00 if she does not come by then. Blog friends- please pray that Sarah Kate will come SOON and all will go well with her birth and health. Thanks!

Still Waiting

All the parents are here and we are just waiting for the first labor pain. I feel fine. Earlier in the week I was having really intense Braxton Hicks but now, not a thing seems to be happening. I worked in the nursery at church this morning and NO baby was happy with me. I know it was not comfortable to rest upon a basketball that kicked. Poor children! Well..... just wanted to give the latest.

Just Waiting

My due date is June 10th and that is just around the corner. Let me just say that I am puffed! I took off my wedding ring yesterday because I thought I may lose circulation in my finger. My feet look awful! I have two pairs of shoes I can wear. I am having lots of Braxton Hicks and they serve as a reminder of the pain I am going to have any day now. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Braums commercial for their Brownie Fudge Sundae. The commercial got me! I had Steve take me to Braums the next day. It is SOOOOO very very good. You must go and partake of this wonderful treat! When you see me or my picture you may question whether I have water weight or just too much Braums. I think it is both. But, the ice cream is good for my heart burn. (I like to tell myself that).