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I Have Good News!

I breathed a breath of relief a little while ago! The Dr said that my finger is HEALING!!!!!!! He said that he was just going to let it do it's thing. Then he said,"whatever you are doing is working." I thought..."what I am doing is PRAYING, having lots of people PRAY for me, and taking my medicine." Thank you again for praying for me and my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to pray that my finger will be normal and infection free very soon. I am just soooo thankful to have my finger and hand and arm. I just feel like a new woman now!!!!!!!!!!!

A Finger Report

Well............believe it or not, my mother in law got the terrible stomach virus Tuesday night. I lost my wonderful help! She is better this morning. Emily has a pretty painful ear infection and SK came down with something yesterday. She has runny nose, congestion and the runs. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am VERY encouraged that I don't have too much fever in my finger. It seemed to have gotten better around 8:00 last night. It is still purple. Hummm??? I didn't have fever either when I woke up this morning. I slept great, thanks to prayers and Tylenol P.M. I am so overwhelmed with all the encouragement you all have given me this week. I read all the comments last night and I felt so much better about everything. What a blessing you have been to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was also a blessing to me that two of my favorite church members came to visit me, Kelly and Susan!!!!!!!! Made my day! I will be looking into to those vitamin

Thank You for Praying

I began to get a VERY sore right index finger last Tuesday. I didn't think too much of it. On Wed it was worse and my parents, who were visiting, encouraged me to see my Dr. I had been on an antibiotic for several days because of my tooth and the root canal. I thought it was strange to have this finger infection while on an antibiotic. I saw my Dr on Thursday and he wrapped it and gave me another antibiotic. My finger has just gotten worse everyday. My Dr was pretty certain it was staph. Sunday my finger was REALLY bad and I went to a walk in (wait forever) clinic. This Dr put me on another antibiotic thinking it was strep. Monday I saw my Dr and he said he wanted me to see a surgeon. I saw a surgeon yesterday afternoon who looked and acted and talked just like Dr Oz!!!!!!! He examined my finger, put his hands in the air and said," I am not touching you!" He was concerned that there may be an infection in my bone or joint. He said he wanted me to see a hand s

Five Years

Steve and I have been married 5 years today! I am so thankful to have him as my husband. We have so much fun together. I was looking in the mirror this morning thinking,"I look very different than I did five years ago today." I have gained lots of weight, but I have also gained two little girls that we think are wonderful. (Babies are not the reason for my weight gain, I just don't know when to put the fork down.) Guess how I have spent my anniversary? I have spent a majority of my time getting a root canal. I have been in terrible pain for over a week after getting a temporary crown. I had an x-ray on Thursday and it was determined that I needed a root canal ASAP. The root canal did not hurt at all, in fact I welcomed it because I knew it was going to make me better. It was exhausting to have to keep your mouth wide open for two hours as he worked on my very back tooth. I am numb still but I know I am going to be so much better off. I love you Steve and I am so t

Special Church

I just wanted to put into words why I love our church so much. In my life, I have been a member of three churches. I have loved them all for different reasons. I have attended other churches, but did not join them in membership. I don't think Steve and I could find a church anywhere that is as special as our church. It is filled with people that have an authentic, strong love for Jesus. It is filled with people that serve without complaining. The people are loving and kind and growing in their faith. I can't speak for everyone in the church, but the people I know are the same Sunday morning as they are during the week and on Friday night. They are sharing their faith and people are getting saved. We baptize people most every week. It is very rare not to have a baptism. It is very rare not to have people walk the aisle at the invitation. I love the fact that our church has a clothing give-away in August and a toy give-away at Christmas. Our pastor and staff never t

Pumpkin Patch

Emily with her friend Brigham. I love buying pumpkins and gourds for our mantel. I also bought this chest at the pumpkin patch. They have a country store at the farm. I loved the design and size of this. I am going to paint it and put new knobs on it. I love projects like this. I may do it something whimsical and put it in Sarah Kate's room. A friend at church did these shirts for my girls. Although, it was NOT smart to wear white shirts to a pumpkin patch. They are soaking in Shout as I write this. They may never look the same. Emily managed to get into oil on the tractor. Sarah Kate wanted to pick up all the pumpkins. She tried so hard to pick up some of the huge ones. Natalyn and Neely. I love Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!