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A Prison and a Party

We have been prisoners in our home for the past couple of days due to ice and snow. I don't think much is going to melt today. Steve is determined to go down to a gas station down the road today. I don't really mind being in, I have gotten a lot done and the girls have taken wonderful naps. They nap better when we don't have a morning outing. I bought this Spring dress for Emily this week and she wanted to wear it. Notice she found her pearls to go with it! We have worked puzzles and read books. We went to one of Emily's best friends party on Thursday. It was really fun and so well organized. It was an art party. Trying to do a group picture was near impossible. The party was for Alex in the cute apron.


Sarah Kate had her 18 month check-up today. She weighs 26.2 lbs. She is in the 75% percentile in weight, height and head. She is a VERY busy little girl! I am so very thankful for a healthy report!

Organization Project

A year or two ago I saw this jewelery holder idea at the Junior League Winter Dreams home tours. I thought it was sooooo cute and practical. I went to Hobby Lobby and got all the supplies today and made this. I got a half price frame, foam board, cork board, tacks and the fabric. They put a hanger on the back for me. I little hot glue and it was done. Hope you have a great weekend!

Playgroup and a Baby Shower

I hosted playgroup this morning. I always love having the group at my house! I went to a baby shower this week for one of the sweetest girls I know, Rachel. Kelly and Susan have the best hair in Arkansas. Vonda and Rachel. Becky, Angie, Brandy, Tracy Jessica, Robin, me Elizabeth and Lindsey Tracy and Berkli Sweet Rachel

She's Feelin' Fine!

Sarah Kate has done GREAT since getting tubes in her ears. I wish we had done this 3 months ago. She is feeling so good she offered to mop the floor today. Did a pretty good job too! SK has been a dancing machine since we got home from the surgery center. It is just hilarious! She actually does a jig. I really think that she has not "really" heard music for the past few months. She is nearly getting whip lash in the car seat she is dancing so much to the radio. AND.......she slept all night last night! Thank you Jesus!

Tubes Today

I h ave not talked about Sarah Kate's health too much lately, but she has continued to have ear infections since October. In fact, she has had five and has been on SEVEN antibiotics. We have continued to see the Dr. every week or two. We FINALLY got referred to an ENT and saw him on Monday. He said her ears were terrible and scheduled her for ear tubes this morning. Her ears have had so much thick fluid, that it was not able to drain and just continued to get one infection after the other. Her sleeping has been HORRIBLE! She has had about 50% hearing. We are soooooooo THANKFUL she got these tubes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The worst part about today was that she could not have anything to eat or drink. She is like me, she loves to eat and she does not miss a meal. Of course she woke up asking for her milk. Then when we got to the surgery center we had to wait...... and wait.......................... and wait...............they pulled out all the tricks: t.v. with cartoons, a wagon

Party Party!

This weekend our friends Hillary and Josh came to stay with us for Harper's birthday party. They are one of our favorite couples. My girls LOVE them! They have the magic touch with our kids. Kristen acted a fool and kept them up most all night. I will never get over my chawedness. The Birthday Baby and her beautiful mother. The party was so nice. Kelly could go into the business! Harper is a sweet baby! Sarah Kate LOVES to eat. Look at her savoring the flavor of this cookie. We left Harper's party and went to another party for Emily's friend, Korbyn. Doesn't every princess need a tattoo? Sarah Grace, Emily and Korbyn Check out SK. She found one boot to wear and a ball. Snow White came to the party. During Thanksgiving, we had family pictures made. I got this one framed last week. I got it at Hobby Lobby for half price!!!!