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Six Candles on the Cake

Yesterday we had a little Birthday party for Emily at our house. She wanted Hello Kitty theme. Last year at her party, we did a little art project. She wanted to do art at this party too. We had Taco Bell for lunch. That is Emily's favorite place to eat. Six candles............. We ended the night by going to Chuck E Cheese. Emily loves that place. I was worn out by dinner time, but I did get in a few games of skee ball. I could play it all night long. Little sister enjoyed the party just as much as the big girls.

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily is six today! Happy Birthday to a VERY sweet little girl!

A Very Merry Christmas

We have spent the past several days at my parents house in South Arkansas. We had a wonderful Christmas. I could not have asked for a better one! Here are the girls on our way home. We stopped at Braums and I got their chicken fried steak. Yum Yum! Aunt Kelly got the girls some princess make-up for Christmas. Oh they love it! Their mother- not so much! They have coated their faces in it daily. Sarah Kate says that she looks so beautiful. Little does she know that she looks like she is having a bad allergic reaction or some sort of illness. I think she has lipstick around her eyes. We spent Christmas Eve at my cousin's house. They loved seeing Snow, the puppy. Sharing a Razorback chair with cousin Kendall. Christmas morning! The girls were so excited! My parents. I think Emily's favorite gift was her Easy Bake oven. I would be better off if all my cooking came from an Easy Bake oven. I would be VERY thin. It makes tiny amounts and it takes forever. Sea Monkeys.

We Never know What Tomorrow Holds

I helped with Emily's school Christmas party this week. It was a great party! They had craft stations that were really cute and she got to make a Christmas hat. Sarah Kate has worn this Christmas dress EVERY DAY since December 4th. Some days she wears it the whole day and some days, it is just for an hour or two or three. Sarah Kate picked out the dress at Thanksgiving and her Kay-K bought it for her. She has gotten her money's worth out of this one!!!!! Money well spent. The dress is silk and has to be dry cleaned. ha! She cried when we dropped it off at the cleaners yesterday. I figured it needed to be fresh and clean for Christmas. All week, I had looked forward to this day because there was nothing we had to do. I was going to try to relax a little. 11 last night SK started crying really hard. I could tell she had fever. I took her temp and sure enough, she had 100.7. I gave her some Motrin, but it really did not seem to

Pictures of the Week

Friday night Emily had her first sleepover at our house. She invited Alex to spend the night. Sarah Grace came for a while, but she does not like to spend the night away from home. The girls had a little tea party and drank real hot tea. It was freezing cold outside, but they all wanted to wear Emily's Summer gowns. Alex was a delight. We enjoyed having her! The two girls stayed up till 11, but they were up at 7. Emily's kindergarten class made gingerbread houses yesterday. I helped out with them. It was interesting seeing and meeting the children that Emily is in class with. Emily's teacher let Sarah Kate make a house too. I thought that was so thoughtful that she remembered the little sister. Sarah Kate had her Christmas program last week. She did great and made a sweet little shepherd girl!

Eternal Gifts

This Christmas, my mother in law gave me Kim Hill's recent Christmas c.d. I have enjoyed it so much, but I have nearly worn out one of the songs called "Eternal Gifts." It was written by Leigh Nash and first preformed by Kate York. This song may be my new favorite Christmas song. I found it on Youtube , but don't have enough sense to post it on to my blog. You have got to go listen to it on Youtube, it is under Leigh Nash. Another wonderful c.d. is Matt Wertz-Snow Globe. Eternal Gifts Santa knows what I want for Christmas, But Jesus knows what I need. It can't be purchased wrapped up and placed under an eight foot tree. I need patience and kindness-virtues like these to bend on my knee at the manger Santa may bring things that last for the year but Eternal gifts come from the Savior. Some days come when I'm plain selfish I can't think of no one but me Then I think of all that I've been blessed with and how it is better to give than receive I need

Photo Shoot

We recently had family pictures made by a wonderfully talented friend. I was thrilled with how they turned out! Everything went really well until I put pants on Sarah Kate for a few pictures. She wants to wear a dress 365 days a year. This is how the pictures went with her pants on........... Oh well............ Merry Christmas from Sarah Kate!

Our Christmas Weekend

We are so thankful that Steve's parents were able to come and spend the weekend with us! We sure enjoyed their visit. They came to have Christmas with us and to see the girls sing in church. Sarah Grace is Emily's best friend. She would live with Sarah Grace's family if we would let her. SK, Sarah Grace, Emily and Emory Some of you asked about the girls Christmas dresses. They came from Gymboree. Sarah Kate has worn hers EVERYDAY since last Sunday. She says it is gorgeous and fancy. She even wore it to a birthday party on Saturday. ha! Emily loves her little light up snow globe from Kay-K and Pop. She wears these p.j.'s EVERY night! She refuses to wear anything else. Glad they are cute.

Santa and Stuff

Sunday after church, we took the girls to talk to Santa. This is the first year that both girls have been totally comfortable with Santa. This is also the first year that the girls have not known what they want for Christmas. As we stood in line to see Santa, Emily looked at me and said,"What do I want?" She did not have a clue what she should ask for. My mother has asked me several times what they could get the girls for Christmas. I have asked Emily several times what she would like and her answer goes something like this: "Hummmmmmm......I have a whole lot of stuffed animals, I have a bunch of Barbies. I don't play with baby dolls....Just nothing, I don't need anything." She is right! I often look at their toys and clothes and think, "this is just sinful." There are kids that would love to have just a little of their things. STUFF does NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!! The only thing she has mentioned is an Easy Bake Oven and she calls it a &